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I'm sorry to say. . ."I torture my cats"

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Well, Luxor to be exact.

I don't draw blood or anything. He still loves me. But every blessed night he yells at me for sneezing, fake sneezing, sniffing, coughing, sighing, talking under my breath, talking over my breath, looking at him, breathing, singing, sitting, eating....the list goes on.

He just sits there and does that 'annoyed' chirp like when he sees bugs. If I really annoy him he lets out this whiny STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP meow.

Just now. I was sitting next to him on the couch - he was on the back. Every time I looked at him he yelled at me. Finally he left.

Now I just look at him to annoy him....or sneeze......... to torture him!

mwua ha ha ha
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You, Madame, are pure evil.

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Oooh that boy has attitude! Cats are so weird... I bet you annoy him just for a laugh - I certainly would!!! :p
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yes I can't help myself. have to torture. his meow's so cute!
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My goodness. Doesn't this leave you feeling pretty sorry to be alive??? Now, what can we do to get Luxor to adore you -- let's see. Treats? New toys? How about some new top-of-the-line floor-to-ceiling super-deluxe CAT FURNITURE??? In his favorite color? Are we on a roll here?
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an aruba cat tree is in the works for xmas - but SHHHHHHH don't tell him!
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What's an Aruba cat tree? Brand name?
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haha, sounds like Bea. she protests like a snotty teenager!
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Of course, I'm sure he followed you to sit next to you only to be annoyed by you

At least that's the way it is in my house...follow me around to do this then get annoyed with me because I'm allergic . I move. She moves, does this and starts the whole cycle over again
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\t \tOur favorite scratching posts and cat furniture come from Arubacat. (The posts we sell to our adopting families come from Arubacat.) Arty's new web site is under development - but you can call to find out when he'll be at a cat show near you! (603) 382-8418
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Spot meows everytime I sneeze, too.
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