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Star Trek Line of Funeral Products Launches

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Okay, fellow Trek fans - we can repose in style!

Pics here...

I included the first one for the comments.
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Interesting... my Dad will get a kick out of this.
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You'd have to be a real die hard fan for that...
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As much as I am a Trekkie-its just a wee bit over the top for me!!
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I showed that to my husband, and his response? "That's kinda cool...I think I'd like that."

Yes, I really am married to a geek.

BUT... The same company makes a Cat Fanciers Association Urn (or will). I think it's beautiful.
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the urn is kinda cool.
and so is the cat one
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That's nuts! I have to show my friend....her parents are die hard Trekkies!
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Hmm. Well, I love original Trek, and I love the original-cast movies, too... but I don't want to be defined by that for all eternity, y'know? I'm a whole lot more than just a Trekker.

But a lot of people take the milestones of life (and death) more lightly than I do. If they can get married by an Elvis impersonator, then I guess they can take the Big Snooze under the Starfleet logo. Whatever makes 'em happy!
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haha , i agree..... I think the urn is not really trek looking,
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I think they ought to do urns shaped like the insignia or a starship.

Or a Borg cube...
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Yea it's sort of trekkie, but not really.

I'm more a star wars...hopefully they'll come out with something that is an R2D2 urn
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