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Favourite Word

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What is your (if you don't have a cat) or your cat/s (if you do) favourite word?

1 word for each cat.

Beauty's favourite word is tuna.
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Ike likes: "Nom-noms"
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Gordo likes the word "Ham".
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Dinner and sweeties(treats), but Sophie doesn't eat treats so she's not fussed
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Waffle loves to hear me say, "TREAT KITTY!"
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I think I could just whisper "bite-bites or play" and my crew could hear it! Definitely their favorite words!
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Abby just likes the sound of my voice period! Everytime I say anything she is right there meowing and rubbing against my legs. However her very favourite word is "Brush!"

Chynna is very hard of hearing now but she does like the words "Kiss" and "Love Bugs" and "Bootiful" hehe
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Alll of my cats love the words kitty! They come running any time they hear it.
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All of my pets' fav word is Food.

My favorite word is not appropriate for a family site
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Trouts is "treats!!"
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Both cats: Eat
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Well, that's a challenge: Here we go:

Nikki T. Cat's favorite word has to be "FEEDME"
Samuda's is probably "RELAXIN'"
Calo's could very well be "ROUGHHOUSIN'"
Rani's is "GORGEOUS"
Sishya's is "HELLO?" (as in answering the phone. She's GAGA over phone calls -- and now, the internet as well! A real snowshoe technokitteh!)
Tarifa's is "COLORFUL!"
Maryam's is also, "COLORFUL!" (It's one of the many things they agree on)
Sahra's is "KITTENSIZED!" (because that's what she is, and that's what she gets told!)
and lastly but never leastly, Baby Suha's has got to be "C'mon!" (as in "C'mon up here!" She LOVES being a lap cat!)

Of course, anything and everything having to do with cat food, particularly tuna, other fish varieties, and, of course, "TREATS!" gets them ALL going.

Now aren't you glad your life is so simplified?
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It's just the pop of the wet food can opening. That's all. I can have them in dead sleep and they will be by my feet
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Dinas -Girl or keykey!
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mine's are "Mommy's home!!!!"

my favorite word is biscuit it makes me giggle everytime I say it! biscuit biscuit biscuit

yes I am weird
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No you're not.
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Actually it's more a an opening tin, rather than a word
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Beauty also likes me going psh psh psh at her and holding out my fist to her. She headbutts it and rubs all round it purring.

I think she's outside at the moment.
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My favorite word for my white cat: FAT
(I like to see him getting a lil bit fat because it makes him looks cuter lol )

My favorite word non-related to cats: GIRLFRIEND (and I don't think I need to explain why haha)
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"i'm home"

They both run to the food bowl
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i'm not sure murphy has a favorite word!

i always say, "murphy, smurfy, baby boy!" and he purrs but he pretty much purrs no matter what i say! lol...

oh, maybe it's "water?" he knows if i say water i'm going to turn the faucet on for him.

my favorite word is probably "fantastic."

or maybe "lobster."

but that's just cuz i'm hungry!
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