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What is the cutest thing your cat does?

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All of us have different quirks that make us look so cute in the eyes of others.

What is something that is so adorably precious about your cat's personality that makes you just want to brag to your friends how great he/she really is?
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One of the cutest things Simba does is that every time a nature show comes on TV, he runs and sits in front of the TV and sometimes stands up to the screen. It is so funny!

One night they were showing a cougar from the neck down to the tail to indicate the muscles, etc., and Simba was looking around the side of the TV screen to see where its head was!

What a laugh.
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My Kitty has started something new in the past week that is so cute! She has always fallowed me to the bathroom but now when I am at my vanity instead of being at my feet she jumps up there and paws the mirror! Sometimes at herself but most of the time it looks like she is trying to touch me! After a few minutes she stops and turns around! She puts her front paws on my shoulders and gives me a kitty hug! I love it!
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OH you guys!! Cats are such great animals!! Everyone has such a different and distinct personality!!! I love it. Your cats both sound like fun creatures!

My kitty LOVES her scratching post my husband built her not too long ago! She plays "Spy Cat" from it and loves to attack her hanging feathers, or use it to touch base after she's run around the living room a couple times. Although, the cutest thing she does with it is when she's standing on her hind legs scratching the front paws, and suddenly up go her back feet as well so she's just sitting there, attached to the post in her upright position. Then, with her crazy spurts of energy, she jumps around the post, never touching the floor with her paws until she's two or three times around.

I must admit, I live with an acrobat cat, whom we will soon try out for a spot in the circus!!!
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My girls are just coming out of thier shells, and Cracker is a little bit braver than Barrel, so she approaches me more. but sometimes Barrel will come of to me to be petted, and where ever Cracker is she jumps up, runs over, knocks Barrel out of the way so that I am petting her instead. it cracks me up. then i just do some 2 handed petting.
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The thing Zoe does that I love the most is the way she greets me when I get home from work. She's always waiting for me at the front door and as soon as I come inside, I usually say "Hi Zozo!"....that's when the conversation starts.
She replies with a "meow" so then I ask "how was your day?" and she replies "meow"....this goes on for about 5 minutes. It's almost like she understands the questions I'm asking because her voice changes every time.
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Sateycat is always tearing around my room at 11 PM or so. It starts with him grooming himself, then he sees his tail, commences chasing the tail, starts running all over the place, climbs up his huge cat tree to the top platform, and continues chasing his tail. I am worried that some day he is going to fall off that tree

Last year my sister and I were watching a video in my room and my cat tore up his cat tree, jumped from the second-to-the-top platform to this shower curtain rod I have spanning a nook in my room to hide storage. He hung there swinging for what seemed like minutes, all the while i was waiting for the curtains to come crashing down (you must remember that he is a HUGE cat). Suddenly he did this half flip manuever and landed on the top platform. It was one of those "wish-we-had-a-camcorder" moments!
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Wylie likes to take rides on my back. He just jumps up there and lays down across my shoulder and rubs his head on mine the whole time.
Cruella likes to drink out of the sink, and will paw at the correct knob as if she's trying to turn it on herself. Of course I always get up and turn it on for her.
Lianna gets very excited about being petted sometimes and will just fall over where she is.
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The picture of Socrates flying towards the cieling has been posted previously. He sees the reflection of the sunlight on the wall and has to attack it. I'm so afrais he's going to break a leg or something one day, because he, literally, touches the cieling and then slides down the wall looking exactly like Sylvester does when he's sliding down a wall. The first time that he did this was a bright, summer morning and he ran across me to get to the night stand. I awoke and opened my eyes just in time to see Super Socrates. I thought I was going to bust something becAUSE i WAS LAUGHING SO HARD i COULDN'T BREATHE. aND THIS ONLY SECONDS AFTER HE HAD WOKE ME UP. iT'S REALLY CUTE WHEN HE DOES IT. (Oops. Damn cap locks)

Tiger has several cute things that he does. One thing is, he'll sit in the tub as I start the water and I sit on it's edge to wash my feet. He'll stay put til' the water gets close. Then, mad that I'm in HIS tub, he'll start shredding the toilet paper roll and I hear this from the shower and yell at him to stop. But, it is cute.

Another is, when I've been gone a while, he DEMANDS attention and won't even eat until I have duly taken the time to pet him.

Another, and the funniest, that Tiger does is that I will lay the pair of pants on the bed that I'm going to wear, with the waist band lying on top of the comforter and each leg hanging over the edge and to the floor. Well, he walks into the waist band and sticks himself halfway down a leg, so when I go to put my pants on, there's this lump of Tiger down one leg of my jeans and this long tail sticking out the top of the waistband. I have to pick up the pants and shake Tiger the rest of the way down the leg and out again onto the floor. It has becaome this cute game we play. First the bathroom, then the pants.

SEE how each of ours has such unique personalities. Cats are just the best. Each one as different as every person in the world.
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I had to laugh at my Tweek this afternoon. Instead of taking dainty little bites of food like most cats, he would open his mouth as wide as he could, then shove his face down in the food, and attempt to take some gargantuan bite. But then when he pulled back almsot all of it would fall out and he'd wind up with a normal bite hehe.
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Just last night I was appreciating the adorable things my Maggie does. My favorite is her special moments of affection just for me! She's not a lap cat and is very active and independent--wants to be pet on her terms! Everyone seems to think she's not very affectionate.

I know different!! Every night she comes and lays right next to me with her front paws and head on my shoulder or chest. She just lays there all night--purring and giving me kisses. It's like our private little secret!! She's great!
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Most people would think this is kind of gross but I think it's cute. Every night when I got to bed, MooShoo (my Sphynx) curls up under the covers and proceeds to suck on one of his teats (like a cat sucking his thumb) and kneads my arm, purring away. After about 5 minutes, the noise slows down and then stops, which means he's sound asleep. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that he was taken from his mother too early. That's my boy!
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All of your babies sound SOOOO cute! I think I would like to spend a day with each of your kids to watch them swinging from ceilings, watching their parents in vanities, sucking teats, and gobbling up food! We need to put together a little cat collage of video clips of each of our cats! How fun that would be!
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