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A friend of mine has an overweight cat (30+ lbs) that is also prone to urinary tract infections. She has been feeding science diet which has helped with the urinary tract but has added even more weight. He was injured as a kitten and can't get around that well so taking the weight off isn't as simple as more exercise. She would like to try evo or some other grain free food. For those of you that feed it, have you seen a difference in weight or urinary infections? I feed it to my cat but he doesn't have either problem so I can't really answer her. She has done an all canned diet in the past but it was science diet. She is tired of their being so much grain in her cats' food when they are carnivors. Thanks for your help,

PS: the only grain free food we can get is evo, core, and raw instincts
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Help the wt most likely ... thou the only reason my vet DOES NOT recommend EVO is for UTI issue cats ... corn and wheat actually balence things in chicken and beef
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