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Ady...where are you???

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Hey Ady!

You should be back from your vacation.

Just want to know how it went.

Hope you had a great time!!!

P.S. We all missed you!!! (yep...I am speaking for everyone)
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She probably froze her tanned butt coming back from the airport!! It will take a while before her frozen body will thaw out.. give her a day!

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WE'VE MISSED YOU!!! All those Australians want pics of snow - but we want pics of sun and fun!!!!!!

Hope you had a GREAT time - now - get back on the board!!!!

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I know she's back because I got a funny forward from her. She's probably taking a rest from her vacation!
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I am here! I am just trying to catch up on 4 pages of catsite threads and still get some work done today!

I had an absolutely fab vacation. Best one I ever took. I will post pics as soon as possible. I am leaving work soon, so I can't really rave about everything, but I will leave you with this little preview - I saw whales and dolphins and turtles having sex!
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ummmm Ady...that is quite the visual you are leaving me with. I hope we're not talking dolphins, whales and turtles...all together here!

Glad to see you back!!!!

Hurry up and catch up!
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Wow!! Give a Torontonian a cold long winter and what do you get? She goes away to a tropical resort and becomes a peeping tom!

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Oh MY!

Glad you had a good vacation!
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