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Remember Little Boy Blue?

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Those of you who've been around TCS for a while may remember Little Boy Blue, whom I requested vibes/prayers for last year. When he was neutered at 3-months, the vet discovered Blue had a hole in his heart. She estimated he had a few months, at most, to live. Complicating things was an esophageal obstruction that kept Blue from eating solid foods. Surgery wasn't an option because of his various other medical problems.

I recently had the chance to visit Blue. He's a true miracle kitty, now 18 months old, 10 lbs and thriving. He's on a liquid-only diet, heart meds, etc... but is doing well. Here's a couple of new pics of Blue. He's such a sweetie and loves everyone he meets. Thanks to everyone for your vibes/prayer for this special little boy.

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Aww he is so cute! Happy to hear he is still doing okay

His face is full of life & curiousity! Just want to give him a big hug!
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I remember Blue!! I come across him when I do searches for special needs cats....not that I do that often or anything

I'm so happy he's doing so well!! what a very handsome boy
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He is beautiful
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He's a lovely boy. I'm glad to hear hee's doing well.
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Oh my....
Blue is so precious.
I will be praying that a person, with the time and resources to care for Blue, is guided to him.
He is such a brave boy.
Thanks for the update and the pictures Eileen.
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Thanks, guys. Blue's a very sweet and special boy with so much love to give. He's been in a foster home since he was born and is obviously doing well, but we'd love to see him in a real home. Please keep the prayers coming that Blue's person comes along soon. Thanks.
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More prayers that the right person connects with precious Blue this weekend...
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Awwww what a handsome and truly special boy. Sending that he continues to thrive.
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Aw, he's so cute! Who can resist him even with his medical problems with that adorable face and pink nose! I hope he continues to beat the odds! He definetely has a loving family to have helped him live for so long! Best of wishes!!!
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He is so cute! What a lucky boy! So good to hear he's doing so well.
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