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this is odd

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Last night I received a phone call on my cell, but no message was left.

The same number called me about an hour ago, and I missed it. So I waited a minute and called the number back (thinking maybe it was a job opp.).

The cell connected, beeped and then hung up. I waited another 5 minutes and called again. The same thing happened.

I wonder if its a fax machine trying to call me?!

Anyone heard of this?
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Did you try googling the number? Maybe it'll turn up in the search.
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sounds like a fax to me!
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I googled the number, but no winners.
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Yes, I have experience with a fax machine trying to call my number. It's possible.

But maybe it's not fax machine? Maybe it's some space alien, trying to contact you
(It would be much more fun than some machine)
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Odd! I'd be a little creeped out if I were you...
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Sometimes I get calls from a computerised voice offering something. They just multi-call people all day. Then you have to press a number for one of the options if your interested and you get put through to a real person. Usually it's a strange number but sometimes local. I get them on my cell and home phone. It could be that. You probably can't call them back
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Sounds like a fax machine.

I get that occasionally myself, only when it happens to me the person has set their fax to autodial until the fax is sent which results in call after call after call until their fax machine times out!

I think I manged to fix my printer so it can receive faxes now (bad install before and I never bothered to fix it because I could send them and that's all I really needed), so if I get another call like that I'll just let the fax print out and then call the company and tell them to pay more attention when they dial!
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a while ago I had to contact the phone company via my cell because a fax macine was calling my home number non stop for over an hour the phone company gave me the associated buissness number and I called them to ask them to stop trying to fax my residential number
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I like the space alien theory. Just think of the possibilities if you actually manage to connect with them!
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Originally Posted by Maija View Post
But maybe it's not fax machine? Maybe it's some space alien, trying to contact you
(It would be much more fun than some machine)
Hmmm...I gotta find the duct tape, just in the event of a visit and probe

I'm kind of hoping the number calls me again. I could rest easier if I hear that screeching noise of an answering fax
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Do space aliens have cats?
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I can tell you EXACTLY what it is.

The number you are calling back is a predictive dialer: you are calling a machine used to make outgoing telemarketing calls. There will never be an answer at the other end.

If it were a fax machine, you would not have gotten a beep and a hang-up, you would have gotten a computer fax tone "ping."

So what that means is that somewhere, that phone number is on a telemarketing list. If I were you, I would just ignore it and not worry about it. If it were important, they would leave you a message.
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Awesome! Gotta love telemarketers

The weird thing is that I just renewed my # on the dnc list. Oh well...
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