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Newbie with question -- underweight cat help needed!!

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I have a 7 year old male cat who has had chronic diarrhea with no decrease in QoL most of his life. He has always been small, but suffered a small amount of weight loss upon his last vet visit (down 1 lb form last year). My vet decided we should try a strict hypoallergenic diet (rabbit) to try and deal with the diarrhea; he did warn us that it can take months for a difference to show in the litter box.

It was going all right for the past 6 weeks. But as of the past couple of days, Gelfling has started to turn his nose up at the special food, eating 1-2 tablespoons a day, sometimes a little more. He makes the "hungry" cry all the time and tries to steal our table food and the other cats non-hypoallergenic food. So it seems to me that is is hungry, but just doesn't want the other food.

I've left a message with my vet because I don't know what to do. It seems to me that *eating* should be the priority here, since he weighs so little (he is a small cat, stature-wise, very delicate looking) and you can definitely feel his bones more than you should be able to. I also feel that he has lived with the chronic diarrhea for so long, with no ill effects (always playful, not lethargic, very loving), perhaps it's not that big a deal. A

nd I worry because he has always been a very skittish cat who runs and hides from anyone who is not me or my husband -- this now creates a HUGE problem in terms of feeding, if he has to stay on the hypo diet. He won't eat for anyone but us, and we both travel quite a bit. Before the hypo diet, he would eat dry food that was left out for him (and the other two cats) while we were away, free feeding without a problem. I am concerned we'd have to start kenneling him, and I don't know that he will eat at all if we do that.

Basically I am freaking out right now. Can anyone talk me off the ledge?

Thanks very much,

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DID the vet run a senior blood panel ??? check for thyroid issues???
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Full blood panel. No problems at all. Slight elevation in white cell count that went back to normal after a course of antibiotics.
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Is there another type of food he can be given? Cats get bored eating the same thing for 6 weeks. They like variety. He might start eating alot again once theres a different taste in his bowl
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Not if the vet is going to insist on a restricted, hypoallergenic diet. I *have* other food in the house, but I am hesitant to give it to him since the vet wanted us to stick with the hypoallergenic stuff.
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