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glad she made it home safe
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I definitely think it's a good idea to keep her inside I am soo glad you found her hon I can't imagine how scared you were worrying over sweet Molly
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I just found this -- oh the vibes I generated as I skimmed through and finally found the good news! Thank heavens! Many many hugs for Molly, poor baby. I'm so glad you'll be keeping her in more now!
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Oh I'm so glad to hear she's home safe and sound! I bet she just needed some extra time to calm down and make sure everything was ok at home before she went back there! Now stay home where you belong Miss Molly!
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Yay..just reading that she came home!
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Thank goodness she's back
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I am really glad to hear she's back.

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I'm so glad to hear that Molly's back safe and sound!
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What a relief that you found her . It's amazing how they can't be found if they don't want to be...there's nothing more frustrating than trying to find a hurt kitty who's running away from you and nothing worse than not knowing where your baby is.

Last night we had a thunderstorm and Bella hid somewhere in the apt...she was not to be found for a couple of hours not even for dinner. I knew she was inside, but it was really nerve wracking until she came out. She probably fell asleep while I bit my nails
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Was wondering if you have a dog that could help "track" and find the cat? Here's some vibes that Molly comes home soon.
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yay!! I just knew she was ok
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I'm very relieved to hear that she came back, Natalie! With winter rapidly approaching, she might not mind the new restrictions too much.
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I took her to the vet today. Somehow, I missed a wound or two of her. While trying to hold her still at the vet's, I found a flesh wound on her chest. She's also got a bruised spot & a flesh wound on one back leg. She's on Amoxi for 14 days, at least, cleaning the wounds 2x a day as well.

She's already starting to try to dart out doors & is very not happy cooped up. Molly's the one cat who won't harness train, either.... So we will have to work out supervised outdoors visit somehow!
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Would your parents be willing to allow you to add an enclosure to their house so Molly can be "outside"?
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
Would your parents be willing to allow you to add an enclosure to their house so Molly can be "outside"?
We've been discussing it, but finding one that will work for us & we can afford is slowing us down. It has to be huge, big enough to fit all 8 cats comfortably.
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Can you possibly build it yourself? ..well with help, but instead of getting a premade pen or kit.

You could try looking on freecycle for people giving away old chainlink or hog/chicken wire, wood, gate/doors, and maybe even cement.
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That's what we've been thinking of....perhaps finding some chicken wire & see if we can't make something....trying to decide the best place to put it, space-wise & looks wise....where there aren't trees that the cats can use to escape, etc.
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