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Pet names

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What affectionate names have you got for your pets?

I call mine gorgeous girl, precious treasure and the most gorgeous girl in all the world (then she looks at me as though she is saying I'll believe that when mice grow wings and fly past the window)
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Well, Bo and Duke are "the cat brats"

Bo - Bo Bo, Booger, and well... PITA
Duke - Dukie
Tiger- Tigger, Tiggy - Tigerbomb
Tonka - BadonkaTONK, Tonk- and Fluffy Bunny Butt
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Sibby, Sib-Sib, Fluffer-nutter, Honey
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Name - Nickname
Sliver - Boo or Slivas
Snowball - Papas or SnowSnow
Sage - Mr. Sage or Sausage
Sushie - Soo or Moosha
Spooky - Pooka or Doo
Spici - Pici or Pice
Shilo - ShyShy
Sadee - Sades
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I've been calling Cecil "Baby", "Little Man" and "Handsome"
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Twix - Twixie, Toox, Twixetta Junior, Momma, Mumsie
Tucker - Tux/Tucks, Tucker-poo, muffin, tweetie bee
Peep - Peeps, Peeperling, Peepling, Peeper, Peepy, fluffs
All of the kittens are my itty bitties. Ditto, however, is called A.P., but only by my brother.
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This is a funny one (and kinda inside joke), but sometimes DH will call Charlie "Jasmine". We saw one of the tv judges cases where this girl thought she was "privledged" so much so that she could not even walk 2 blocks to get something to eat - HAD to be driven there....that was the tip of the iceberg.

It was SOOOO funny that if we see anyone that pulls that kind of stuff (the "I'm special and privledged", we call them Jasmine. So sometimes Charlie thinks he's privledged to be doing what he's NOT supposed to be doing just cause he's Charlie and he's special.....
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Name - Nickname

Furrari - Furrfurr, Old Man Kitty (He's 15 years old)
Elija Blue-eyes - Eli, Eja, Moma's Boy
Freya - Frey Frey, Old Lady Kitty (She's somewhere between 13 & 16 years old.)
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My dog Crash-Crashie,baby, Crashie doodle.
My cat Skye-Princess, baby girl, spaz.
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Spooky Bear - Pookaly

Tabitha - Tabbery, Potato

Spike - Pickerington, Snickerdoodle

Leo - Leonard, Cleo

Sophia - Floofia

Woody Jr. - Woodward or Woodford, Poof

None of the rest have ended up with nicknames yet.
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