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They chew like a dog

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We have two siamese that are about 1 year old. Both males and brothers. They chew on everything, decoratons, wood furniture, plastic hangers etc. Can you give them a rawhide chew like a dog or would that make them sick? Is there something better? How do I fix this habit before they destroy the furniture? Thanks
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You could go out & buy varieties of cat toys. You never know what type of toy they would like so give them a choice. Maybe give them a small area in your place just for them...

We made sure our cats have a toy box full of toys, so they don't end up chewing on any of our things

Try a catnip mouse, we have a lot of them & our cats concentrate their time on the mouses instead of biting other stuff. Their are plenty of toys your cats would be interested in instead of your stuff...just keep trying out new toys, you will find something that works...
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Charlie has chewed on Keno's rawhide bones. Was thinking of getting him his own smaller size, but didn't want Keno to be chocking on it. So if he wants to nibble on the ends of Keno's bones, its fine with me.
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I buy the rawhide chew sticks for my furry meowing doggies. :-)

They also seems to REALLY like the IAMS Tartar Treats. Which are apparently fun for knawing on.


I don't know if they are good or bad for the kids. But they seem fine with them and it has helped to keep them from knawing on my wood furniture...and cabinet doors...and water fountains...etc.
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