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Cats still not getting along...

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I need some help! I have a 2 year old female resident cat that is very skittish.
In July, I brought in a 3 year old female. I did everything that was suggested, separating, mixing their smells.... but they still fight when they are in the same room. My resident cat is now staying only in my bedroom. She used to roam the whole house. If the other cat goes into the bedroom there is an terrrible fight every time, no injuries, but still not good.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to get along?
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Unfortunately some cats just won't get along. I have 2 myself that I keep seperated as much as possible. I rotate when they can be out of their room.
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I have two cats and it took a good 6-9 months for them to learn to get along. I found that giving my resident cat LOTS and LOTS of one on one time petting her, grooming her, playing with her, and loving on her was key to her feeling comfortable with an intruder in her house. I also use the Comfort Zone with Feliway diffusers constantly in my house. They're a tremendous help! I started out with 3, but am now down to just using 1 continuously.

Watch your resident cat for signs of illness, too. Stress can trigger lots of illnesses. Make sure your kitty has access to food, water, and a clean litterbox down in your bedroom, even if you don't want one there. It's better that your cat have a safe place to eat and potty. You may even want to put the new kitty in a room with the door shut for 30 mins to an hour or so and see if you can coax your resident cat out into the rest of the house. Encourage your resident cat to come down...be very positive and look for baby steps. Also, when they're together, be prepared to run interference for your resident cat and "stand up" for her with the new cat.

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I know this may sound strange, but try rubbing them both with catnip. I know someone that did that when adopting a new kitten. The older cat wanted nothing to do with him, but once he was covered in catnip, he couldn't resist!

Probably not much help, but it's worth a try. Good luck and keeps us posted.

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