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Keeping cats off of cars?

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I have a question from a co-worker. He wants to know how to keep his cats off of his cars. I gave him 3 options. I told him he could

1 – Build a garage
2 – Put the cats in the house
3 – Build stairs leading up to a platform so the cats can just step onto the car instead of jumping on it and scratching it.

Seriously though, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep cats off of your cars. I told him I would ask TCS. He said they tried putting a rubber snake on the hood of the car, but it only worked for a couple of days before they realized it wasn't real.
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He could put a cover on the car if he wants. There really is no good way to keep cats off a car (especially if they are looking for the heat from the motor).

My ex had a FIT about finding cat footprints on the car - threatened to shoot them if caught....and he lived with cats. He was the type of guy who hated to find a scratch. I was scared to even tell him when the car got hit (on a parking lot) and the bumper was messed up.....(long story).

Thankfully my DH thinks of a car as transportation and not a show piece or something.

IMO I think its kinda cute to see little paw prints on the hood
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I actually think it's very cute to find cat paw prints on my car! I know who the culprit is too - Jessie, the coolest black cat who lives next door.
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I have no idea how...or cats go on/under the cars all the time when they're playing hide and seek. I've finally just decided there is no way to keep them off of them, and even though we do have a garage, well...the cats live in there, not the cars!
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I don't know because we had a cat at one time that even if it hadn't rained in weeks he could find some mud somewhere walk in it and imediately jump on the car leaving trails of little paw prints... it was a tallent
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Hmmm, I think cat paw prints are rather like bird poo. You really can't stop them from happening. But I love your suggestions to your co-worker!

I agree, I find the sight of paw prints on my car adorable. My apartment complex was blaming ME for a complaint they got about cat paw prints on cars. They'd walk on cars even if I didn't feed them!
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We've always liked the paw prints, too. We call them "clues." It's not fun if your car is just waxed, though.

Seagull poo, now that's a major pain. They LOVE aiming for clean, shiny, black cars!

Maybe he could rub some kind of oil on the car, an herb or something, that cats don't like the smell.
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