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Time for Castration - when?

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Hi everyone,

We've had Oscar & Smudge for 6 weeks now, and they were *about* 4 months, maybe a bit older, when we got them. The problem is, we don't know how old they were as they were rescues. I know it's at about 6 months that they should be castrated, but it's a bit more difficult to know when without actually knowing their ages.

So, are there any obvious factors that would be able to tell us when they need to be done? They haven't changed in personality since we've got them (except for how much friendlier they are now that they've settled in!), so I wouldn't imagine they've started puberty yet.

If anyone could give me any sort of guide that I could go by without having to take them to the vets to find out, I'd much appreciate it. Obviously, if a trip to the vet for him to decide is needed, then a trip to the vet it is!
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Most vets will neuter a cat at 4-6 months... Hopefully that will help you... where are you???

Some vets will do the procedure as young as 8 weeks and 2 lbs( this is preferred but many vets still dont do it )
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I'm in the UK. I know my vets have a policy of around 6 months, but I just wanted to check to see if there were any indications that it would be okay to get them done before booking them in.
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usually just the shots they should have and a exam ... different vets ask for different things , so want blood work no matter the age
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They can be done any time now (ideal is 3-4 months). Some shelters will do them at 8 weeks and 2 lbs, but IMO 3-4 months old is better.

You could have gotten them done when you adopted them at 4 months. Make that appointment now before they start any bad habits. And BTW kittens as young as 4 months old can and do breed if given the chance.
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Yeah I know about that, which is why we haven't let them out yet. Just spoke to the vet and they said to get it done in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for all your advice guys.
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I had mine done at 5 months so I'd say they're old enough now. As long as both testicles are descended, there's no need to wait until they're exactly 6 months.
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