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Help please!!

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Hi I hope someone may be able to give me some advise...I got my two cats,3 years ago and both were twin sisters,but from semi wild stock,although tame and well brought up.They were as different as chalk and cheese and didnt really get along that well together,and lived very seperate lives in my house.Moo never ventures far from home,but Shab managed to escape on the first night and after taking a week to get her back in,was very timid,but settled down in time,and was a good companion,sleeping at the foot of me bed each night.She would sometimes go off for over a week at a time and reappear,then in April she dissapeared.I placed ads locally but in the end thought she had met her fate,until one night two weeks ago I saw her walking along the side of the road in my village.I jumped over the dyke and caught her up,and she responded to me calling her,but a lady walking her dog startled her and she ran off.Then a week later there she was again! This time she came up to me meowing and I tried to pick her up but she ran off again.More adverts have had a few responses and she is only a short distance away.Any ideas on how to get her to come home???
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Your best bet would be to get a humane trap, trap her, and relocate her to your indoors. Also is she fixed? If not, this will help the desire to roam. It may take some time for her to adjust indoors, but it can be done with patience.
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