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Hey, I have a cat that unfortunatly I did not get a chance to have spayed before she got outside and got pregnant. Now here is a question...About 6 days ago I noticed that her nipples were even larger and that her glands had gotten bigger as well and on closer inspection I realized that she is producing milk. Now all the information that I have read lead me to think that that does not happen until 1 or 2 days before they have their kittens but no luck she is showing now outward signs of being even close to having her kittens. Her stomache has dropped and the kittens are giong CRAZY in there but nothing, and Im sure she should have them anyday as I think she got pregnant around the 2nd or 3rd of august. Is it normal for her to have started milk production last wednesday so almost a week ago now and still no babies? She is also showing NO signs of nesting. But is way more affectionate. PLEASE HELP Im soooo confused!
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Its about 63-68 days after being bred. If she got pregnant around the 1st of August, then she can have them any day now.

Be sure to keep her confined to a large cage/kennel or one room so she will not have the kittens where you don't want her to have them!
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