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Question of the Day - October 9th

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I'm running out of questions

Do you take any medication daily?

I'm on blood pressure pills
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No daily medication here aside from the occasional pain reliever like Aleve
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I don't take any medications. I don't even take tylenol or anything like that!
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I take a multivitamin and cod liver oil daily.
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birth control.
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Lexapro, Prilosec and Aleve
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Hmm...no not really...except some vitamins formulated for clear skin.
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Seasonique birth control and lately its been claritan daily for stupid allergies!
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Im on three different meds for my crohns disease, insulin for my diabetes and two different meds for my rheumatoid arthritis.
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I take Zegarid twice a day for servere GERD

I take Yaz (birth control pill) to help relieve some of my PCOS symptoms. I also take Ponstel for severe cramping when i need it, but normally that's only once a month.)

I take Diazepam (valium) a small dose 3x a day to keep me from having dizzy spells/fainting spells (I have Vertigo pretty bad). That stuff is a life saver- before it, i couldn't function, i couldn't drive (i was having dizzy spells while driving!), i couldn't go throughout the day without having several vertigo spells. Now with my medicine i can function without any symptoms (For the most part) at all! It's such a blessing!

I also have asthma- but it's under control really, so i only take my rescue inhaler when i need it.

Aside from that I just take a multi-vitamin. Anyone wanna swap prescription bills with me mine are insane!
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Nope. I only take aspirin if I have a headache before going to bed cause if I let it go, then I will have it when I wake up.

Oh and "I have a headache" is NO excuse in bed either
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Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I won't list them, but am currently taking ten to twelve different prescriptions!!
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The only thing I take daily is slimquick pills to help lose weight. I used to take vitamins, but I gave them to my mom and I haven't gotten anymore yet.
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I have birth control but it's the Nuva Ring which you only have to fool with twice a month, when you put it in and take it out. I am supposed to take Singulair for my asthma/allergies every day, but I don't. As long as I keep the carpet, furniture, and bed sheets clean I am usually ok.

I just started taking a multivitamin today.
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Yeah, currently 5 - thank goodness for walmart's $4 prescriptions.
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just birth control pills.
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Yes I take medications for Fibromyalgia and for GERD, as soon as I it gets cold and I can't keep windows open,I will have to take allergy medication, cause I am allergic to cats
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Just a sleeping pill each night.
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No I do not.
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Not a thing.
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Nothing *trying to fill the message :p*
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Yep, BP, thyroid, cholesterol and Omega 3.
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Nope not any more, I used to take birth control pills but well I love the shot I cant forget to take it But I also used to have to take pills for my headaches to help them not come around so much but it had given me worser headaches than I had prior to taking it so I just stopped taken them But when I have a headache Advil is my friend I usually get a sinus headache every night too, man do I love my advil
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Just BC here!
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I have to take Tegretol every night.

A few years ago it was 5 different ones but I`ve slowly come off them
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Birth control. Other stuff like headache pills and things only when i need them
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Just birth control on a daily basis. Other things (pain relievers) when I need them)
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I sure do. I pop them pills every day like they's Skittles...
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where to start:

Plaquenil - immuno suppressant
Medrol (prednisone)- steroid

^ both for my lupus

Ecotrin to keep my blood from clotting
Clacium/magnesium/zinc to replace what the steroid robs
L-lysine to promote new hair growth.
And a newly added self administered b12 injection. . .

Yeah I pay almost as much as my rent in doctors bills and scripts in the past two months. . .
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