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Worried about my kitten

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I posted Sunday about him. He was acting like he didn't feel good, so I took him to the vet. She felt that he had eaten some kind of plant, and that it needed to run it's course, but she kept him and gave him a drip. Yesterday, I called to see when I could get him, and she said he was having really bad diarrhea and she wanted to keep him one more night. This morning when I called, she said that he had started throwing up in the night, and she was going to do an x-ray to see if maybe he had swallowed a string. I'm so worried about him, and I just want him home! His kitty cat brother is missing him like crazy! What do y'all think? Is he going to be OK?
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Hopefully the x-ray will show them what's wrong. If he's swallowed a string, it could wrap itself around his intestines and cause serious damage. So be thankful he's there and they can check him out asap. I hope he'll be okay. Poor baby!

Some get well vibes for you and some calming vibes for you!
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The x ray showed nothing, so he gets to come home today. I'm just still a little worried that they are missing something. But, I'm very relieved that he's coming home. I miss him so bad! It's amazing how much you can get used to them in so quick of a time! I haven't even had him a month yet!
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Aww we hope your kitty is going to be okay
At least he is going to be happy at home with you again
Update us all on how hes feeling & if hes doing okay
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Don't worry too much, hope everything will be ok
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