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Abandoned kitten won't poop

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We found an abandoned kitten in our boat last friday. We brought him in on Sunday morning. We are going to keep him. We are guessing that he is about 3 weeks old (based on photos that I have seen on this website). He is bottle feeding and doing really well, everyday being better than the day before. He is urinating but he is not pooping. I have tried the stimulation and have not had sucess yet. Is there anything that I can do on my own to get him to go? Any help would be appreciated, as I'm getting a little worried.
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Hi there,
I too found abandoned kitties, they were somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks old when I brought them in. Although they started right away in formula, it took them a few days to poop, maybe 3 days if I remember well. Do you know what happened to momma cat and when was the last time she was with them? That may be impossible to know, as it was in my case, so I started counting from the day I found them. I did some stimulating on their little bellies, but the first poop came later, I found it in the blanket.
Keep an eye on your little one, and if you see he is not acting well, not drinking his milk or anything that just doesn't look right, take him to the vet.
Chances are he is only taking a while to adjust to formula, and if he was really starving when you found him, he may be absorbing almost all he is taking in, and there's not much left to poop . He should be fine soon ! Keep us posted !
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I really don't know how long the kitten was there. I saw a feral cat across the street about a week ago, but haven't seen it since. The kitten really is eating well, urinating well, he has even started chasing you and hopping around playing with my sons toys. He's very active. I'll just keep trying the warm rag on the bottom. Hopefully something will happen soon.
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How long has he been with you? A kitten so young should'nt be 48 hours without pooping. If he doesn't poop in 48 hours, I would bring him to the vet.

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