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The day is looming ....

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So I just called and made the appointment to have the boys do dars lopped off!

My Husband is just sitting crossed legged lol. He feels bad for them ... until I mentioned he would have to put up with the smell of spraying (I have no sense of smell so it won't bother me!! lol)

Mah boys are growing up!

The big day is on Friday the 26th. The lady said not to give them any food from 8pm on Thursday!

I know a cat Mum and Dad who are not getting any sleep that night. I get me-owed to death if their wet food is not down dead on 5pm! They could have a full bowl of dry, but if I don't get the wet down on time, God help me! lol

We then pick them up on Saturday morning.

Ah well, it's Mum that has the last laugh for all those 5am wake up calls *Evil cackle*

I used to work in a vets and have seen how they neuter male cats. It's quite comical how they just "pop" ithem out!
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We hope everything goes well with your cats surgeries
Its hard not being able to feed your cat for that long
Update us on how everything went at the vets!
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Awwww bless their little cotton socks

Lots of healthy healing on their way over for them. My Jack goes in to have his do dars done on the 25th
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Sorry it is hard but glad you are getting them done. Praying it all goes well for them.
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Good luck for the surgery! I am sure it will all be fine. The worst bit is definitely withholding food, my Sonic is a noisy and demanding little lad and the night before his surgery he spent stomping all over us in bed and complaining very loudly about the injustice of having no dinner! I was a bit worried that our neighbours would call the RSPCA to report us for torturing him such was the fuss he was making.
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