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TCS vibes needed!!!

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I was looking out the kitchen window, when I saw an absolutely GORGEOUS solid white kitty sitting near the garden. I've never seen her before but cats just don't "show up" where I live, they're dumped.
I went outside and called to her, but she ran back towards the barn. I went into the barn and got the trap and put it back by our shed. I set it, and now I'm hoping she'll come back. Please send lots of vibes that she'll get hungry and go into the trap!
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Aww we hope you can lure the kitty
That white cat will be so lucky if you can catch it!
Tons of vibes for that cat!!
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Come out kitty kitty!!!
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Here are some I hope your successful catching here vibes
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sending vibes out to you hoping she will come for some food.

good luck
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Come and get some din dins baby
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That cat sounds gorgeous. Sending lots of vibes that you can trap him/her.
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Praying you can get it.
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Come on, kitty, go eat!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
on the way..
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Many many trap vibes! <3 Hop in that trap, pretty kitty!
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You got it, coming your way!!
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You got my attention with those two little words!

Tons & Tons & Tons & Tons & Tons of
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Thanks everyone! Still nothing, I've been checking the trap every 20 minutes or so. I'm not really expecting to trap her during the day though, if I get her it'll probably be in the evening or morning.

It's so weird, I was telling John a few days ago how much I really want a white cat... and then she/he shows up this morning!
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Come white kitty! Your new home is waiting!
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for you and the kitty! It was ment to be since you said you wanted one!!!!
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Still no little white kitty. I checked the trap last night, and nothing. I set it again this morning and just went out to check on it. I heard faint meows coming from the trap as I walked up on it. I used my cell phone as a flashlight and there was a kitty in the trap... but not the little white kitty.

I was very surprised. I stopped trapping around May because had I caught all the ferals/strays that were around and found them new homes. I hadn't seen any other cats around until the little white one yesterday. When it rains, it pours I guess.

With my flashlight I could see that the kitty looks to be a brown and white tabby, young but definitely older than 5-6 months. And seems very, very, very friendly. I left him/her in the trap for now, I want it to be daylight before I do anything more. I did bring the trap down the steps and set it by the back door so the trap is blocked from the little bit of very cool wind we've got this morning.

I'll keep everyone updated!
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I still haven't caught the little white kitty yet. I've been setting the trap for several days now and so far have managed to catch a cat that we TNR last year, a baby raccoon, and a baby rabbit. I've still been seeing the little white kitty around so she/he hasn't disappeared. Last night and the night before I saw her sitting near the trap, so that's a good sign! I set it earlier and have to check it in a little while, I'm hoping she'll be in it today.
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Good luck with the magical white kitty! At least you know that the trap is working!!!
More vibes for success:
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