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How many litter trays?

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Looks like we are going ahead and adopting a Sphynx to join our existing Sphynx boy I am so excited, but I think it will only be happening around mid-November. Oh well, good to be prepared! I currently have 1 litter tray available for Molly... do you think it is necessary to have 2 trays when the newbie comes home? When I had my 2 Cornish Rex cats together they shared a tray without any problem. I'm sure I read somewhere that it should be 1 tray per cat, but I can't find where I read it!! What do you do with multiple kitty households?
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I would recommend a second box, at least at first. You may find that they're sharing one box, or that they prefer their own.

I have 10 cats, and currently have 3 litter boxes. I had 4 boxes up until a couple weeks ago, but there was one that was never getting used. They all have their preferences and don't mind sharing. I clean them right after they're used so they're always clean.
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The rule of thumb is one per cat plus one. So with two cats you should have three. I'd recommend starting out with three and seeing how that goes. If you find one litterbox to be under-used, then reduce to two and see how that goes. I really wouldn't recommend just one box for two cats.
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I'd add a second to begin with and see whether they're happy to share. When I got Mosi I had a 2nd box which I put beside my existing one. In the new one I put the litter that Mosi was used to and took the door off the hooded litter tray. The usual one was left the same and with the door on the tray. Mosi headed straight for Jaffa's They both seemed happy to use either so I took away the new one as I didnt' really have space for 2, and they have both been happy to use the one tray since.
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I agree to pick up another pan at least till you find out if they will share. And having a female resident cat, she could be more territorial about things anyway, so having 2 pans would help for now.

Are you getting a male or another female Sphynx?

Wait a min - is your current Sphynx a male or female - you called "him" Molly????
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Are you getting a male or another female Sphynx?

Wait a min - is your current Sphynx a male or female - you called "him" Molly????
Thanks for the advice... much appreciated .

My current Spnynx is indeed a male... although you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise with a name like Molly . It just suits him so well. That, and it just kind of happened. Started off with Gollum, which became Golly, which in turn became Molly... after having sung Good Golly Miss Molly to him so many times!! The new cat is a male, and he is called Caluga.
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Congrats on the new Sphynx! Better to have two boxes than one, Sphynx can eat a lot (and go a lot).
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Congrats on the new Sphynx! Better to have two boxes than one, Sphynx can eat a lot (and go a lot).

Boy, you're not kidding . I have never known anything like it!!
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We have 3 litterboxes for 10 cats, they are very large storage containers not regular sized litter pans.
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I have three boxes for two cats. One is used less than the other two, but it is used especially by Stanley who doesn't like to use the same box for both "functions". I would rather have another box that only gets used occasionally than have him go on the floor because he felt the box was too full...they get cleaned at least once a day, but he is picky.

Remember, it's not just poo capacity you need to be concerned with, it's also a territory thing.
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When we first got Charlie we had 2 boxes (one large, one small). Charlie likes large litter pans. We now have one deep one (was a covered one) and the 2 cats share fine.
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I have 3 boxes for 3 cats, but always put out a spare if we are gone for the weekend (even if the sitter is stopping 2x a day). I also scoop 2-3 times a day.
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I have three cats and five boxes: three in one room and two in another. Two of my cats barely tolerate each other and this seems to reduce competition.
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I have two boxes for 4 kittens and a cat. The boxes are both next to each other with acces from both sides. But they all prefer to share, so I have to change the litter every 1-2days and scoop 3-4times a day. (Don't ever get into that situation!!!) It is a very large litter tray though
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I also scoop 2 - 3 times daily and use large storage boxes, which are cheaper than "litter boxes".
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I have always used the one per cat plus one rule.. actually more. I have 4 cats and 6 boxes.. But that allows me to clean them out a little less which I prefer. I would atlest add one box for the new guy.

congrats on the new kitty!!
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For our situation, we have 4 litter boxes for 8 cats...but we clean them once to twice a day. They have a 2 story cat restroom area with mini steps. They all like the setup & it works for them. Just depends on what works for your situation
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The "rule of thumb" is a box for each cat and another additional. It really depends on how things work for you and your cats. My cats are perfectly happy sharing a box while others need their own.
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