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Eye Poop

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Coconut and Cumulous are all white short hair kittens and their eye poop is an everyday thing. 7 weeks old.

I do not know if it is because they are white that I see it so much or if it is something to be concerned of?

We see the vet next Monday so of course I will address this then, but I was curious of any meow mammas here who are wiser than me on this.

Their eye poops are always brown and dried on their fur; never pus like or yellow. Their eyes are clear and bright, never matted. No signs of any illness at all.

Pumpkin their sister is a long hair sandy white color and I never see her eye poops. Maybe she cleans them out herself? 8-9 weeks old.
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I have 2 white cats and only one has a lot of eye poop, my vet has assured me that as long as it isnt green and pussy {sorry for typos} it is normal and I think we notice it more because they are white. cause I am forever cleaning the gunk outa nexxies eyes.
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Sundance and Butch (adopted) both have really icy eyes all the time. Their eye gunk is really weird. But they did it from the time they were rescued. The vet said it was nothing to worry about just to keep them cleaned up. I have to clean Sundances eyes about 3 times a day because the gunk is so thick and jelly like it makes hjim uncomfortable.
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Links and Lola both have white faces. Links is always clean looking but Lola has really bad eye poop. Just look back at some of my picture threads, it's always there!!! It's only one eye though. I'm forever wiping it.
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ok well I guess I am asured that my babies are not th eonly ones with poopey eyes...I guess I need to get over it ( that it really does not) affecting their cuteness!!..silly me :P
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not to alarm you or anything, but when I got my first kitten and saw the eye poops which were dark red/brown dried & he was sneezing alot...i got worried!

found out he has URI http://www.holisticat.com/uri.html
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hey thanks for this 411 but they were just at the vet yesterday and got a thumbs up
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