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Daily Thread Tuesday Oct 9th

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Morning cat folks!

Welp, it is Tuesday...although feels like Monday to me because we had a holiday yesterday..weird.

Happy Tuesday...its almost the middle of the week I guess..

I am off to the doctors this morning, no emergency just a checkup. Its a new clinic because I am changing its going to be weird having a stranger poking me Hopefully, she is gentle

Anyway, you all have a good one
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Morning Nat! Hope your doctors visit goes well! Monday for me to! Yuck.
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Oh god i bought some chocolate for my SS but non for me....and i don't have to post for weeks!!!

Oh what to do what to some more this thursday? no guilt...
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The SS chocolate situation at work has become so bad we started leaving out bowls of Christmas candy already

Hope the doc's visit goes well, Nat

Tuesday is always Monday for me, so....
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Hope things go well at the doctor, Natalie. One of my doctors moved home to Canada, so I will also be seeing a new doctor next week. I'm not looking forward to it.

I am exhausted. We came home last night after being away since Friday morning. I picked up a book last night and couldn't put it down and didn't go to bed until 2:15 this morning.

Let's see, today I have to go grocery shopping, pick up the hamster at my parents, and unpack.

Hope you have a great day everyone!
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Hi all!

The cats woke me up early this morning.

Hopefully I get a phone call later on this day for a temporary job It's paying a little less, but its through the same contract company and it's still more than what I was making 2 months ago
So the rent can be paid for the next few months!!!!!
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Afternoon chickadees

It's raining outside, and i'm so looking forward to finishing for a weeks holiday next weekend

I've changed the colour of my bathroom accessories to green so i need to go down town and find some new bath mats and towels.
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Morning All

Guess Trout's Mom has decided to take over the daily thread again. Just wanted to say I had fun with it for the couple of weeks I was doing it.

Same old Same old for me today, off to work in a bit.

Cloudy and cool here today.

Kitties are having a great time playing with a couple of toys I got them yesterday.

Everyone have a good one
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It's going to be in the upper 80's here today. BOO! Where is the crisp fall weather? Oh right, I live in the Southeast...

I discovered my perfect sleeping conditions last night and slept like a baby. The boys were on my bed at around 6:15 though with their toys... playing with them. I haven't figured out if they just want me to wake up and play with them, or if they just feel like playing on the bed.

I am going to a chili cook off for our city's home builder association get together. I made some chili, and it's sitting here on my desk at work cooking and smells SO good!
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Well the fall temps have arrived here!!!

Its in the low 50's currently. I want to work at a clients house later today but will wait until it warms up a bit and the dew dries off the lawn.

Got a load of laundry on the clothesline-those days are coming to a close later this month and did some odds and ends tasks (like removing those dessicated squash in my root cellar)

Not much else going on right now.
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It is a chilly morning - yesterday was 80 degrees - a new record for October!

Today is one of those days where you want to be cuddled up under the covers all day with the kitties watching TV with a nice cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows
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Good morning everyone!

The hot weather broke (again!), and we're supposed to have a very cool week. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can get more done outside with Levi.

If anyone read my other post "TCS Vibes Needed", you'll know I'm on cat trap watch today! I'm hoping to catch the pretty little stray white kitty today.

The kitties are all running around the room playing and acting silly. Even Tabitha and Spooky Bear who rarely play. It must be the nice weather getting to them.
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the miserably hot weather has broken here too, thank goodness! just a regular Tuesday, sitting at work doing nothing Find out tonight what I got on my speech about feline infectious diseases found out last night that i have a solid C in economics, which is all I'm aiming for at this point
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Welp thanks for the good doctor appointment vibes..

It was quick and relatively painless. I am in the process of finding a new doctor so I had to go to the "clinic" to get my annual checkup.

She was actually better than my normal doctor and I didn't feel like she was rushing me out! I was the first appointment in the morning, maybe thats why.

Anyway, thanks for the vibes!
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