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mini me, or should i say mini cow.

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Ok so on the news the other day, some guy on the radio was talking he got a couple of mini cows, I thought he was joking... errr, but i guess not


all i have to say is why.
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Well you have almost everything in mini size, so why not? I read his website. IMO it makes sense to a smaller farm family that wants some cows for their own table. Easier to keep, less space needed and still would meet their meat/milk needs.

If I had a small farm, I honestly think I'd look into a few of them. As long as they are healthy cattle with no problems, I see nothing wrong. IMO they fulfill a better purpose then a mini horse that's just bred to be "cute".
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i remember some old coal miners telling they used a type of small horses to hual up coal,
of course right now, there is no need for them was a working animal.

But still, i would sooner have a full sized cow. lol i am not saying there is anything wrong with it. just one of those things if that makes sense.
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I think the mini-cow is cute!!! I remember seeing these like a few yrs ago at a fair or zoo.....
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Awww....they're very cute...but yeah...no idea why?

My SO's neighbor has a midget mule (birth defect), but it is ADORABLE! And it has quite a personality, it likes to be pet and throws a fit if it is ignored!
It reminds me of the donkey on "Shrek"
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Awww they're just darling!!! If I stilled lived on a farm (i grew up on one when i was younger) I would definitely look into having a few. They would take up a little less grazing pasture and still serve as much of a purpose as larger, full sized cattle but would probably be more along the lines of the size a small family farm might like. They're beautiful animals!
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So that's where the little cartons of milk come from!!
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yep, apparently so.
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