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Final Question on this topic....... I hope!

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Hi all,

Just a quick one really.. will start off with a short overview...
We got second kitten Lola 3 weeks ago and 7 month old kitten Merdle did the obvious at first.. growling and hissing etc.. but after a week of short introductions a couple of times a day with lola in a pen merdle just seemed interested rather than like she wanted to kill the intruder so we have started to let them see each other a few times a day for roughly half hour each time when Merdle spends the entire time running after, catching, exchanging blows and rolling around play fighting with lola, we're always with them and seperate them if one of them squeaks (lola gets a few good shots in) and also to stop lola getting too tired as merdle being a 7 month old is nearly full grown now so has more stamina to continue playing. Merdle is a little rough at times when she gets carried away but always stops when we go over to them if we hear a squeak.

Anyway last night my mum phoned and seemed quite suprised that we were still giving them supervised play time and that Lola is still kept away from Merdle for the majority of the day (when we're there, obviously she doesn't think they should be left unsupervised.) This has knocked my confidence a little as i thought we were making slow but good progress and was going to see how it goes giving them run of the house to play in at the weekend rather than just the one room. Am i going to slow with this and dragging out the time until they can both be left to wander round the house as they please or shall i keep doing what i'm doing?

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IMO its better to go slow then to rush things. If introductions are working out well so far, then I would continue on your pace (and the cats) instead of listening to others. Females tend to take longer for acceptance - especially if its another female.

Charlie made friends with our dog within 2-3 days of coming to our house. But it was a good month before he was allowed unsupervised time with our cat, Ling. Ling didn't want anything to do with him for a long time.

She still (IMO) doesn't totally accept him; that's a female for you. Both cats love the dog tho
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All cats are different, if you're happy with the way things are then keep at it When Farley and Ana came (3 weeks ago) I put them in with Demetri right from the start and they were all fine with it. Others are not so lucky!
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