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vaccination and spaying questions

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hi everyone,
ive been looking around the site for some time now and i wanted to ask some questions, hopefully u guys can help me. my cat is 4 months old yesterday, when i started bringing her to the vet she was a little over 2 months. they gave her her vaccines then completed it on her third month. then the vet told me that she had to go back to redo her 2nd set of shots coz it turns out she was too young for it. does that seem right? will her vaccines be useless since they were given to her too young? any advice would be good coz aside from it being expensive, i doubt it would be good for her. also, what would be the right age to have her spayed? i've talked to a number of vets and "cat people" and they all give me different answers. by the way she is a very healthy indoor only cat! thanks in advanced to anyone who can throw in their advice.
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Vaccinations are usually given at 8 wks, 12 wks, and 16 wks. If her last set was given before 16 wks then yes she probably needs them again. As for being spayed it depends on the vet. Most vets still will not spay until 6 months old. Some will at 4 months and a few will at 2lbs. There is no right age what ever you and your vet feel comfortable with.
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Over here vets do 2 shots. The 1st at 10 weeks, 2nd at 14 weeks. Apparently anything under 10 weeks doesn't 'take'

Mine were all spayed/neutered by the breeder at 10 weeks old.
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