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You have NO IDEA what this means to me!

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Simon came to me! He's from a breeder situation, kenneled outside for his first 2.5 years. Terrified here, been here since Sat. Tonight, he started to approach me when I was focused on the kitties. He kept coming closer & I started taking videos. He touched my hand & licked it! I was sitting on the floor just have no idea what it is like, to see the sheer terror in his be the one he begins to trust..... Look at him wiggle!

He is back hiding under the desk, but this is progress, this is a start, a step in the right direction. I've identified which "squealy person voice" he prefers, so I will use that to encourage him from now on. He shall get used to the house, so his furr-ever home can find him soon.

Notice how Dorky Fish had to get petted?
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that is the terrier wiggle... it is a hoot... glad to see he is making progress... Oh give all of them a pet for me
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Aww, that is so sweet!
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Nice work Natalie!! He's so sweet. Poor little guy...
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Bless him! He's a sweetie, isn't he?
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I cant tell, what kind of dog is Simon? I have dial up so my computer is soooo slow!!
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Oooh that is SUCH good news! Congrats! It's so hard when working with animals who are so afraid. I'm so glad he's warming up to you. He seems so happy just to be able to get that close to you. I'm so happy for you and Simon!
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Simon is a wirehaired Jack Russel Terrier-purebred.
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Simon is adorable. Doesnt it make you feel good when ones like that start to trust you even just a little. Thats what rescue is about.
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That is so awesome Nat!!
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Oh that made me get all teary eyed toooo! He's so handsome!
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He sure looks likes a hyper lil thing. You could tell that he really wanted to...but... Maybe it won't take too much longer!!
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