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resident cat and new kittens

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My 3 y o, Bea HATES the kittens!

I know this is normal but it doesn't seem to be getting better over the last month, it's seems like it's getting worse. at the very least it's the same.

She barely comes inside anymore at all except to eat and sleep.. This makes me sad becuz she used to be my buddy but now she won't hang out with me at all unless the kittens are nowhere around.

as long as they're not close by she's fine but she'll hiss and run off at the first sign of them.

Is there anything I can do? I'm afraid she might just decide not to come home one of these days because of the kittens...
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Have you tried a proper introduction?

I suggest a Feliway diffuser....they really do work!

Think of it this're loving all the attention/having the place to yourself when suddenly there are two unfamiliar/obnoxious babies around you have to deal with all the time. I'd be peeved to.
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mk, I may try that.

they were "introduced" through a screen door for about a week, almost two before I let them into general population. they seemed fine. but now that the kittens are comfortable they want to play with her... and they took over her condo too... poor Bea.

feliway diffuser... just spray it on all the cats?
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The Feliway Diffuser is the plug-in. You might need more than one, but it lasts for a constantly keeps the pheromones in the air & for me, worked better than the spray would.

Just keep at it....if there is aggression seperate them. But, IMO, Bea is going to try to avoid the kittens, which means being outdoors. You may have to confine her indoors for a bit until she gets used to the kittens, etc. I'm not sure how to do intros with an indoor/outdoor cat...mine are all indoors & still fight.
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oh! that sounds good!
I hope the stores around here carry it...

I hope it helps
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that stuff is seriously expensive.

the bottle was over $35 (for a SMALL bottle) and the diffuser was nearly $50!
idk if I can justify that when it only lasts for a month and I'll need more than one...

anyone know where (like a website) I can get it cheaper?
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ok, I found it a little cheaper but still won't be able to buy it anytime very soon...

I do have rescue remedy...
can I put a couple drops in the water bowls or food dishes? anyone have any experience with that? would that help?
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I think RR works pretty good when put right into their mouths. Never used it, thought. I'd search the behavior forum for it.
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Hey there with regards the feliway deffuser I dont know if your interested but you can get them here in england for £16.50 from a website called I think they deliver to the US so it might be worth having a look to see if it converts into dollars to see if it will be a little cheaper if at all?

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that's about $34 here... thanks though. I did find it for as cheap as $23 online...
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Hey, if your worried about the price of Feliway/Comfort Zone, try bidding on them on Ebay
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good idea...

how long do I need to use it typically? will I have to use it forever?
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I get my Feliway at for $15.99 for a refill and $27.99 for the diffuser with a refill.

I generally order enough to get free shipping and then anything I don't end up needed I can just return to the store.

You shouldn't have to use it forever, you'll know you can quit buying it when it runs out and you don't notice (i.e. the cats don't act any differently).

I always know when to get a refill when everyone starts fighting more or acting out, I check and sure's empty.
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mk.. thanks guys.

I ordered mine today, got the diffuser for $22 and and a refill for $13 online.

I couldn't stand them today! they were all being little brats and have been tormenting me since 5 this morning!

I spiked their tuna with RR for some peace and quiet around here...

haha they were all laying on the couch together! now that's a first!
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Hmm, you might try adding an additional cat tree to the house. Giving them vertical space adds to their territory. Also try playing with them together, and engaging all of them in play in the vicinity of each other.. (which.. may or may not work. Ultimately they suggest that you play with them individually in the *sight* of the other ones so they associate positive experiences with the other cat, but mine all jump in on the play, so it hasn't been successful here).

The same line of thought goes for feeding them. Give them treats while they're close to each other or in line of sight of each other. Don't treat or play or reward in any way when any of them are reacting negatively, it reinforces the behavior.

Hrm, I'd also make sure I tired those kittens out with as much play time as I could fit into a day. They're probably a little rambunctious for the adult.

I've heard really good things about Rescue Remedy.
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yea they all eat together and have "treat time" together, but the second that's over Bea's back to hissing and growling.
The kittens are too rambunctious for her, mainly Berach. He just won't leave her alone.
It's gotten to the point where I just sometimes put the kittens in the other room so that Bea can have a little quiet time...

We have one very large kitty tree, goes to the ceiling... but no room for another one, small house with three people and three kitties living here... I'd have to get rid of furniture to add another kitty tree.
think my SO would be pretty peeved
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