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question about nueter/spay procedure

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my two baby kittens are almost big enough to get "fixed". I have some concerns about this so let me start from the beginning...
(sorry, this is gonna be long)

a few years ago when I first got Beatrix I was taking her to this one vet for her shots and checkups, blah blah blah. When the time came for her to be spayed I dropped her off in the morning and then went to work. My boyfriend picked her up for me afterwards and brought her by my work for me to see her before they went home.
She looked AWFUL. (I've had other cats before that have gone through this procedure and it was nothing like this)
To make matters worse the receptionist told him when he was picking her up that, "oh yea btw she was pregnant."
My poor cat was so drugged out of her poor little kitty head that she couldn't sleep and was visibly anxious, pupils seriously dilated.

Needless to say, I was furious. I called the vet next morning and demanded answers. He assured me that everything was done as it should have been and that he had done nothing wrong. He said that the "pregnancy" wasn't very far along and that is was standard procedure to go ahead and abort and spay w o speaking to the parents.

I however, did not not agree with him and promptly took my cat to another vet where she has been going ever since.

Here's the dilemma...
The two kittens (Berach and Chloe) I adopted through whiskers, tails and ferals. Included in the adoption fee is a voucher for them to get all of their shots and their spay and nueter. great right? well... the voucher is only good at the vet I originally took Bea to!
so far I have taken them there for their second set of shots.
I intend to take them for the rest of their shots but then I'm TORN about having their spays/nueters done there. There IS more than one vet at this hospital but...

I'm worried about a repeat, mostly concerned about them over-drugging my babies...

any advice? is there something I can say or do to assure that this won't happen again? or should I just take them to my vet and pay it out-of-pocket? s/o wouldn't be very pleased about spending the $ when we have a voucher to get them done for free...
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I would ask to have a sit down with the vet to voice your concerns about Beas procedure .... If he is not willing then see if any other vet will accept the voucher
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If it was me I would pay out of pocket and take them to my own vet. Can the vouchers be donated?
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Having seen a very bad spaying of my mum's cat Rupert I'd have to say I'd never put a cat through that. I can understand the financial issue so why not try and get a recommendation for another vet within the same practice? Find out if any of your neighbours or friends had a straight-forward spaying in the same clinic; it could be just the one vet who doesn't know how to treat kitties properly n
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First of all I can't believe that a vet would just abort the kittens without contacting the owner. That just doesn't seem right to me. Not that it matters now, but live and learn... you can file/submit complaints against vet's, and any other health care provider ... they potentially can get their license suspended and/or revoked. I don't know what the statute of limitations is on something like that, but I can understand because I would have been completely furious as well.

Now then... you said that there are other vets there as well... You are completely within your right to request which vet you would like to do the procedure. Or in this case, which vet you do not want to do the procedure. I would get it in writing so they are held liable.

Vet costs are high enough, if you have a voucher I would definitely use it... They are required to take the voucher... but stand up for your kitty's rights. Be his/her voice. If you feel insecure about having that vet anywhere near your cat then say so. I have a friend who demanded to be in the room while the surgery was being done and they allowed it. So it *is* possible...you just have to approach it the right way. I would just be honest and say you had a really bad experience with that particular vet and you really don't want him to treat your animals... and that you are very nervous about it happening again and you want to be there when they do the surgery. You can tell them that you'll sit quietly in a chair and won't be in anyone's way and you'll just feel so much better if you could be there when it's done. See what they say. It's worth a try.

Let us know how you make out!
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thanks guys.

I made an appointment w my regular vet to meet the kittens and examine them. (she hasn't met them yet cuz regular shots are being done at the other hosp.)
I will talk to her at that time about what I should/can do, maybe she can help.

I talked to my SO about it and obviously he wants me to use the vouchers. at my vets it's $95 for the boy and $150 for the girl.

thanks for the advice, I think I'd definitely like to be there if possible.
I'll let you all know how it goes and what I decide...
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