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Only 19 more to go

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I am so happy it looks like I have about 19 more cats to get out of that trailer park that I have been working on. This has been a learning experience for me though,,, i thought people could be reall cruel with reptiles,,but I have found that it really doesnt matter what type of animal.......some people are just outright cruel!
I have managed to get well over 70 now to the rescues, and I am now the proud owner of 5 cats myself, lol. I have decided to keep the cat that i had to have his eye removed. He is healing well and has definately made himself at home. I also know that cats with problems like that tend to have a hard time getting placed. He blends here though,, I have rescued reptiles with deformed faces,, misiing tails,, etc, so he definately fits in. My hubby is a huge cat person and decided that he was going to adopt two from the recues that I work with, so we are now the owners of a black cat and a tuxedo cat also. they were there for over two years. We decided we would adopt ones that have a hard time being adopted,, and apparantly the black and tuxedos are them. They have a TON. Poor things....
I have also had the pleasure again of watching two more that I brought them 5 weeks ago gert adopted this weekend That is always so nice,,, to know whatthey actually looked like and the shape they were in,, they had no hope,, and now they have great families It helps keep me focused, lol. This is a lot more work than I have anticipated, lol. I will soon post pics in the next day or two of my brood now. They are called Pirate(my one eyed cat,, my vet named him, lol) Squeak, Bob (aka,, BLOB,, he weighs 22 pounds, lol and is now on a diet against his better judgement) Porkchop, and Gizmo.
I can say after many years of doing reptile rescue,, this is a nice change,, the cats dont want to strike at me, bite me or whip me (well at least not the ones in my house, lol) It is nice to have something thta seeks you out for attention!
Again thanks so much for all your help from my previous posts!
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Wonderful job well done! Good luck on the remaining 19! I'll be watching for your updates.
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You're doing a great job!
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Congratulations on your great accomplishments with those poor, abandoned cats! I can't wait to see phtos!
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