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I've noticed with a little bit of rubbing (her nipples are a bit dry) that a drop or two of a milky fluid comes out of my pregnant foster cats nipples, how long after noticing this might she give birth? Also, how can I try to have her give birth in her cage? She can't stand it, and she almost always lies in the bathtub, because it's cold and hard.
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I don't know about the milk thing etc but I've heard that cat's choose the most unlikely places to give birth. Perhaps line a box with newspaper & old towels & see if she likes that better than a cage.
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I've tried that, she's not a big box cat either.. I don't think the surfaces are hard enough. If she's started contractions, but not labor, is it possible we might just be able to move her to the cage? It's only a couple feet as she stays in my room as much as possible.
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We have went through a cat pregnancy & delivery so we know what you are going through...Unfortunately she is going to have her babies wherever she wants to...we made our cat Spooky several birthing boxes & she used none of them. She gave birth on one of their cat blankets.

You could try to move her when shes about to give birth, just make sure when you pick her up, you pick her up by her chest & don't put too much pressure on her tummy. She may move anyways but you can try.

The biggest key to knowing when she is going to give birth is when her water breaks (if you see it hopefully). After her water breaks, should be within hours...but every cat is different. Spooky didn't have any of the symptoms that the books said she would.
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I suggest you line the bathtub with towels and blankets and allow her to give birth there. She can be easily moved when the kittens are born and is likely to stay where she is put unless it is totally unsutable for her. Set up a large box, or maybe trick her with a baby bath if you've got one?

Ziggy had her kittens under my son's bed. Well she definetly couldn't stay there, so I moved her. First I put the kittens in the box and left them for a while until Ziggy had come back to them. Then, I carried the box into my room and she followed. She was happy with that.

Make sure you move the main towel that has birthing fluid on it with the kittens and wash the others. That way she won't get confused the sent.

With regards to the milk. I'm thinking any day now Milk will usually be able to be expressed 1- 2days before.

About the waters breaking. Ziggys went about 12hours before. Just saw this slightly bloody fluid dripping from her...

She didn't show any nesting behaviour and had too of the babies without me knowing!!! She hates my sons room, but it was peaceful at the time.
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I'm afraid we can't do that. It's my mom's only bathtub and she doesn't want to do it. If we can move her that'll be just fine. If we say, keep her in my room except for while being attended, will she hold off on birth until she can find a good place or will she just use the box?
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Keep her in ONE room and put a nice box in a quiet corner - even if its in the closet for awhile. Line it with a pillowcase with newspaper inside when giving birth. After all are born then the next day trade the pillowcase with another pillowcase with a soft towel or two inside.

If she is kept confined she should use the box you make for her. I like to put in a medium to large box with a doorway cut out (make it about 2-3 inches from the bottom) so mom steps in and out but it confines the kittens till they can climb over.
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Well, hey, if she gives birth in the bathtub, at least cleanup is easy!

OK, so she does need to use a birthing box--something warm for the kittens--but likely enough, instinct will tell her to pick something safe and out of the way. Hopefully instinct will direct her to a nesting box, but there's just no way to tell! She can be confined if you are desperate.
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