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Monday DT

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Ugh! It really IS a Monday! Its cloudy and chilly, here and it just started to drizzle. Good thing, that I can stay home, today. Poor Bill is going to be tired and achy, though.

We went to the new flea market, yesterday. They've got some good dealers, there. Not much traffic, as yet. I've been thinking about restarting my dressmaking and costuming business and that might be a good place to do it. There is one dressmaker out there, making wedding, prom and quinceanera dresses. Her work is, definitely, substandard, though.

There's a surplus dealer, too. I got a new desk chair, for this room. I'm more comfortable, now and the chair is upholstered in purple. Not bad, for $20.

Happy Monday.
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Glad to have the day off, too. It is sunny but really cold here, 29 degrees F, but with a wind chill of 16. Ugh, I hate this weather, and it's going to be like this all week.
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Blue Monday indeed. I have the flu and I had some theraflu to drink and now I want to go to sleep...
I finally saw the first two episodes of Joe Millionaire, interesting... I guess I will watch it tonight LOL.
I watched the movie 'The New Guy' a funny comedy, I needed the comic relief!
Has anyone seen Fear Dot Com? It looks promising - is it scary enough for you Kass? :tounge2:
I am just going to veg out, I dont feel like doing anything, thanks to theraflu!

Have a great day
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I got back from my trip to LA yesterday. I want to go back! I went to the beach every day! I'm back in Ohio where it's 20 degrees. I had a lot of fun on my trip. It was a well deserved vacation! Back to the old grind!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Has anyone seen Fear Dot Com? It looks promising - is it scary enough for you Kass? :tounge2:
This weekend I was looking for a video to rent. Rob got The Barber. It was suppose to be scary but I just fell asleep because the plot took to long to unfold.I think I'll try FearDotCom next weekend and I'll let you know if it gets the Kass approval!

If any of you want a thriller, rent The Dentist.....a small film but very, very disturbing!!!! It gets the Kass Disturbed Rating of two thumbs up!!

Right now it is still "freeze your butt-off" weather here in Toronto. With windchill its -20C. Ick!

And ADYMARIE ........ get your tanned butt in here and warm us up with your tales from the South!!!!

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Who is in the Dentist? Is it a new release so I know where to look for it. I like B-type movies.

I hate it when movies take too long to unfold. I watched XXX with Vin Diesel and I got bored with it.
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Day off from work, and spending it like the rest of Tampa Bay....sending our Buccaneers off to the Super Bowl!!!!!


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The Dentist came out in 1996, and Corbin Bernsen plays the dentist. I think there's a sequel out now. I'll take that back, it's not a B-Movie (I was thinking of something else) but this one is full of disturbing thoughts.

And you may never go to a dentist again.....muhahahh....

That's my warning to you!

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LOL -- I haven't been to the dentist in ... Well it's been a year or two. I'm already afraid. I may have to skip that film!

It's not so bad here today - just grey outside.

I painted my living room this weekend. Makes me want to paint more. I think the bedroom is next. I know it's practical, but I get tired of every room in the house being ivory. It looks so good when I add some color on the walls. Like a brand new room.

Well, I'm babbling...
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It is freezing here in sunny Daytona Beach brrr.....27 was the low yesterday. Sorry to say the high this week will be 74!
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Almost the end of the day for me. It's been super windy the past 2 days here, but nothing for precip. Temps have been in the 60s though!

I finally saw Memento this weekend. Really good movie, but very strange. One of those I need to see again so I get it all, kind of like The Usual Suspects (one of my favorites) where once you see the ending you need to go back and see what the heck happened! I also finally saw From Hell, with Johnny Depp about Jack the Ripper. That is really one of the theories about nasty Jack, so it was interesting to see it play out. I thought the ending with Mary was a bit Hollywood, but what can you do?

Has anyone seen John Q? I want to see that one, too, but haven't heard good or bad about it.
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Originally posted by valanhb
Has anyone seen John Q? I want to see that one, too, but haven't heard good or bad about it.
I saw it... I loved it... I cried...

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The rain stopped and the sun came out until an hour ago. Now, its cold, rainy and hailing.

There are two wet, muddy dogs, on my patio. As soon as the rain started, they ran out into the yard to play. The Arizona room (their bedroom) is going to smell like wet dog, tonight!
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