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Check out my new phone!

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So I seem to be on a buying streak...first my digital piano and now a new cell phone!

And I paid.....nothing!

Upgrade deals are awesome!
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Oooh, what piano did you get?
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This one

I originally bought a scratch/dent version for about $160 less, but there was a shipping oops which I cleared up this morning - they're giving me a brand new model for the same price. They also appeared to have waived the large item shipping cost so I got the piano and a bench for less than what I paid for just the piano before.

Today's definitely my day for shopping!
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Very nice!
I wish I had room for one here.
I have no training of course, but I'm able to work out quite a few songs by ear.
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I have 12 years of lessons behind me, and with all the grant work lately, I've remembered how much I miss playing, and what good stress relief it is. So my parents helped me buy a cheap digital piano as an early Christmas present.
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How awesome of them!
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Yup, my parents are great.
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is a cool cell phone!..
I have a L-7 Motorola......and i regret about it.......
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nice new phone
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I'm excited - it should be here sometime this week!
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Very cool piano and very cool cell phone! I just bought my first digital piano too! I teach lessons, and was using a loaner that wasn't a good instrument at all. Now I can't play enough piano, and I love it!
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Nice! What piano did you get? If I had infinite money I would have gotten a Yamaha or a Kawai, but what I have now will do until the day I can have a real piano.
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Oh heck yeah... I have played on both, and my ex used to have the top of the line Clavinova... those things make me drool! LOL.

I got a Roland, because the piano store was having a massive store closing sale, so I got an HP101 which retails for about $2500-$3000. I only paid $1500 for it though, so I was way excited. I really needed a piano but didn't have the money to spend. The specialist told me that Roland uses Steinway grands to record their digital sounds... which is pretty darn good considering Steinway is top of the line! I still love the Clavinovas though and vow to own a grand one day!

I don't think there's anything wrong with owning a digital. I actually kinda like them better because they never have to be tuned. They feel and play just like acoustic pianos, and I like the extra features like MIDI capabilities and recording.

I have only 3 years of formal lessons and many years of self-teaching, but I would like to take some lessons to improve my technique or at least get some books that have great exercises in them. I can't play the hard classics and that's my goal is to work up to them.
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Oh, Roland is a nice brand too. My teacher had a Steinway grand, so that's one of the pianos I learned on - what can I say, I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to good pianos.

Digitals are alright for learning on and light playing, but the key weighting is a little bit different, even on good digitals. When you start playing pieces that use a lot of voicing on keys (emphasizing one or two notes over all the others) it gets tricky without a really good piano. So some day, I'm gonna get myself a baby grand! But for now, I'm happy with what I have.
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Cool phone!

I don't know much about piano's

I recently upgraded my phone too.
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