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3 ferals, separate them or not?

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New member and new to cats. My daughter and her cat lived with us briefly and I missed the cat so much when she moved. I helped rescue three cats from a ditch. Got them neutered/spayed right away. I want to keep them....going back to the ditch is not an option and shelters will not take the ferals. Do I separate them or leave them together? Right now bathroom #1 has male about 4 yr old with a young female 4 or 5 month old; bathroom #2 has female several yrs old(?) alone. My daughter was able to talk (coo) to the male, scratched his chin and he purred. (maybe he was a pet once) The young female with him can be touched. The female in bathroom alone is very scared. Can't get close to her. Should I separate or put them all in a spare bedroom that is mostly empty of furniture. Thanks for any help.
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Were they 3 cats from the same ditch? If so I would try putting them together. Maybe being with other cats the one that is scared will have more comfort. IF they are not from the same ditch I would try to introduce them slowly and see what happens. Any bad reactions you might want to keep them seperated.
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Welcome!! We've always kept our rescues together but if there are problems taming them then I read where sometimes seperating will help them tame faster. The best way to tame is through food and constant working with them. Keep dry food for them at all times but bring in wet food as a special treat. This will help them recognize you as the provider and it helps to gain their trust. Good luck and bless you for rescuing them!
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Thank you for your input. I think I will try putting them all together in empty bedroom. Maybe that will help the one that is so afraid and hiding. The male today ate while I was in the room cleaning litter. My back was to him, but I'll take that as a good start. I have toys, empty boxes, soft pet beds, scratching posts, and a litter box for each. They love to stay wedged in the pet carriers. I want to do what will help them the most. Thank you so much. I am not very knowledgable with cats, but am very willing to do what is best for them.
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Make sure they have no where to run and hide, like under beds etc. You need to keep them in the open to get use to you. It just takes time, and some take more time than others. Good luck!
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Thanks, I will. There is only a desk, dresser and treadmill(unplugged) in the room. I pulled the dresser away from the wall so they couldn't get stuck behind. I will put all three (5month female,adult female, adult male) together today. They were all rescued from the same spot. The male actually came out of carrier to eat while I had my back turned cleaning the litter box. I didn't look at him. He did let my daughter touch him and he purred, so I am guessing he had a human family at one time. Thank you for answering my questions. I have no experience doing this and I want to help them in the right way.
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Check this link out. I posted this awhile back and it may give you some additional information.
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What a wonderful thing you are doing! Please keep us posted on how your rescues are doing! Thank you!
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Have I set them back? All are in the same bedroom now. The little 5 month old let me pet her before closing the carrier. After all were in the room, I left them so they could explore. Toys, scratching posts, several empty boxes and lots more floor space than the bathrooms to enjoy. When I came back later they were not in the carriers. I kept talking sweet and slowly looking around the room. They were all squished in only half of a small packing box! There were several boxes, but they were all in this one box. The two females were to the back of box and male was to the outer part like he was protecting them. There was evidence that they had been moving about. I left them treats around to find that were gone. I have been reading and trying to learn what to do for them. Wonderful info here that is most helpful.

I move slowly and look down. I try to blink slowly when I know they can see me. I have a TV across the hall on a news channel with the volume low. I left worn shirts of mine close by. I bring the goodie canned food in at regular times. I let them know I'm present before opening the door. I even got some of the pheromone spray. I understand this could take a long time. The young one letting me touch her may be easier. Just let me know if I should do anything differently. Thanks.
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You've been doing your homework. Just remember to take it slow and don't push them. It sounds like you're doing a great job.
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Keep in mind patience is the key! Just continue to work with them on a daily basis. Some might come around faster than others.
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