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Cats attacking and peeing on another cat

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I have two male cats, both of which are neutered, who are attacking and peeing on my female Persian, who is not spayed. We have had the male cats since birth (they are both two years old but not from the same litter). My daughter bought me the Persian when my old 18-year-old Persian passed away in May. They have attacked her since we brought her home but just recently started peeing on her when they attack her. She is not agressive and does not bother them. Anyone have any idea why they are doing this and what I can do to stop them?
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Hi Karen!
My first instinct is that it's because she's not spayed yet. I would get her spayed ASAP as it can be the source of behavior issues. Are you sure the cats are peeing ON her and she's not the one peeing?

Next, how did you introduce the cats? Did you release her in the home? Or did you let your two other cats slowly get used to her scent?

Bringing a new cat into a home can be difficult sometimes. You want all your kitties to get along of course but in most cases it needs to be done slowly. Keep her in a separate room and let her relax and get used to your home. Meanwhile rub her with a towel and take that towel out to your other boys. Let them smell it and get used to her scent. Make sure to show your boys extra attention.

The peeing could be a dominance thing, keep in mind you have to keep showing your boys that they are still the top cats of the house. It will make it easier for them to accept a new cat.

Hope that helps, Karen! And welcome to TCS! We hope you'll stay and share photos of your kitties.
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No, they are definitely peeing on her. She is soaked from the back of her neck all the way down her back and legs. We did not force them together either. When we first got her, I kept her in my room most of the time. We gradually introduced them.
We will be getting her spayed soon. Hopefully, that will help. She is a very lovable cat. So are the two males usually. Lynx, the oldest of the two, is huge. Spot is just fat and lazy since he got neutered. He was the runt of the litter but couldn't tell it now. Puff, one of the females, is Spot's sister. She is cross-eyed and prissy. Kinnie is the baby. She is about four months old and is a calico. Sweet but into everything. We also have four outside cats...two females and two males. Turkey is the dominant male but only because Midnight allows him to be. Turkey is about 16 years old and has only a few teeth remaining but is still an excellent hunter. Midnight is about eight years old and comes and goes between our house and the fields. Little one and Lennie are the females. Lennie is Little One's first kitten. She only had one that time. We live in the country and it keeps the mice population
In addition to all the cats, we have an old 19 year old dog inside, five wire haired terriers outside and a jack russell who seems to have picked our home to stay at. We cannot find his owner. Add to that, two parakeets and two turtles and you've got a menagerie my grandkids love.
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