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Ready for another Scavenger Hunt?

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Ok all you gamers! Here you go, you are our test subjects for next months game! When you finish this, please send me also your feedback as you will be the first ones to finish this and test it out. One section in particular is a bit tricky so watch the clues.

For the newer members, if you play this you will be eligible for the prize draw (there are three prizes this time) IF you are a member of Meowhoo.com The Club newsletter.

Okay- here you go guys- I know it's Monday, but I hope someone will be able to play this at some point today!

Feb. Hunt

And thanks for testing this out before 1,000 plus cat lovers get it in their mailbox!
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I am stuck on the question for Firecat Pottery. Don't see the breed anywhere
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Hissy, your very evil for making me crazy on a Monday morning! Now I'm going to have nightmares of Firecats!

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Also got stuck at the firecats - I searched nd searched and tried different breeds and have gone slowly mad in the process.
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I am stuck on the firecats also.
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Yay! Finished it!

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How did you figure out the firecats??? I am on meidcation and my mind is gone.
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Dang I figured out firecats, I feel so stupid!
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I am missing something.

Dang - this is worse than the ALIAS online adventure.
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Don't be- I am the one who messed up this clue- sorry. Don't think breed- think species does that help? It won't get changed till tomorrow. So sorry for the blunder!
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Phwew - I thought I was going to have to resign as an official CIA Online Agent. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Now I've put you all at risk.

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Thats a releif, I had visions of me doing this all night long
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Again, sorry--- I write this in my Anne time which is 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. (her morning time) Not at my mental best then! LOL Thanks for working the kinks out of the system though! It will be fixed tomorrow.
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I thought the last clue was the hardest. but I finally finished it!
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