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I am currently doing an assignment and am trying to find out some signs of dominance in a cat towards its owner. My cat is the most submissive cat ever and is not much help for me. Can anyone who has a dominant cat give me some examples of how it acts towards you.

Thanks in advance.
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Usually with humans it would be for instance if you were petting them. They may bite or scratch to tell you when to begin and end. Sometimes they may spray or urine mark something of yours. Hope this helps a little!!
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This is a fascinating subject for an assigment.

I find it hard to define dominance in my relationship with my cats. They don't need to so anything to show their dominance - it's taken for granted
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In my household of 2 cats, one is an extreme scaredy-cat and the other rules all of us. He is demanding and can be very vocal, yet is the sweetest kitty and oh, such a lover! There is no doubt he wants to eat or just wants attention, he will get in your face and will not be deterred from his immediate goal. He will bring his toys to you when it's playtime. I wake up every day to his paw in my ear! No sleeping in at my house. And I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!
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