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Just in tears (need to rant...)

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As if I wasnt having a bad enough day being sick and feeling like poo. Having to go to work and deal with 40 very loud very annoying dogs, I come home to my mom telling me oh by the way I'm moving out next weekend you need to figure out what you're doing. WHAT!?!?!?!? We had talked about my best friend and I finding a place and moving in together, but we were thinking it wouldnt be until December or something like that! Not it a week!!!!!
So now I am trying to find somewhere to move, renting isnt really turning out very well because I have 2 cats and a dog and my best friend has 1 cat. But on the brighter side we found a mobile home (we are 2 college girls and we dont care if its pretty or a good investment or whatever) that is a 2 bed 2 bath and is $5000 and lot rent of $100. And my mom did say that either her and her boyfriend would buy it and let us pay the payments to them, or that she would cosign for us to get a loan. But still, 1 week?!!? I'm going to go hide under a blanket now
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Have a good cry and a good night sleep. Things will work out ok in the end.
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I would talk to her and ask for an extension. The one thing I learned while being in college is renting at the last minute can cause safety issues to disappear. My (ex) best friend and I did the last minute thing and we wound up in a horrible apartment complex. Luckily I was able to move out in a few months (our friendship ended).

Just take the time and find someplace that you'll be comfortable living in. I'm sure your mom would rather have that then it being more important for you to move out.
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the only good thing is, we can stay where we are at, but we really dont want to unless we have to. A decent option is stay there and when we get more time look for a trailer or something like that that we can move into. Right now we are in a 2 bed 1 1/2 bath apartment that is nice minus the light that doesnt work, fan that doesnt work, and oven that doesnt work, oh and dont forget the stupid redneck neighbors! But, its not the worse place ever. I'm sure she will help me out, but its just like couldnt she have at least given me some notice?! And Gary my boyfriend of almost 5 years wont be able to move in without his parents killing him. Grrrrr.... but thats a whole other rant!
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Wow honey, that is like no notice! Why was the decision made so fast? If you're staying with your mom, is she packing everything up in a week? If she's renting, when is the next month's rent due, and can't you stay until then to give you more time to find a place? All I can say is wow.

If no one else will let you have the animals (and 1 week really isn't enough time to find somewhere that will) I would go for the mobile home if you can swing the lot payment and paying your mom back. As long as it is in good shape, it should be big enough for 2 people, 3 cats and a dog.

Sending lots of vibes to you because you will probably need them!
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its an 93 model home, and its $5000 so payments wouldnt be much at all. We are paying around $500 now for everything. And she keeps complaining how I;m not in college because I got tired of hearing crap from my family because "my major isnt a real major" and because I wasnt going into the medical field, and now she throws this on me. *sigh* looks like I'll be holding down 2 jobs, and going to school.... gah I just wish I knew what to do.

ps sorry for babbling and probably not making very coherent sentences. I do that a lot if I get upset.
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Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and vibes. I stayed at Garys for a long time tonight and tried to clear my mind a bit and figure somethings out; Luckily his mom knows what is going on now so hopefully his family will help me out a bit too. We might have come up with an alternative but I'm not sure at this point because I need to talk to my mom. But I'm off to get some sleep now. Thanks again guys.
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
I come home to my mom telling me oh by the way I'm moving out next weekend you need to figure out what you're doing.
Wow! Talk about incredibly rude of her! She suddenly decides today that she's up and moving out next week? I can't believe she did that to you! I would be royally ticked and I wouldn't care if it was my mother or not!
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Yea last night I was beyond ticked at her, and I dont get mad at my mom normally. I knew she was moving out soon, but we were thinking like a month away or something... so today and tomorrow I will be trying to find a place to live. Right now I think I will be staying here until we can find something and telling her she's paying for it for treating me like this. I'm tired of not being able to trust my family...
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