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Hip dysplasia medicine working wonders

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While at a local pet store last month, I was looking for quality dog food that was suited for dogs with hip dysplasia. Spike first showed signs of the disease when he was about a year old and he is approaching 4. When we take him for walks around our lake, he used to do it at a steady pace but had a lot of trouble walking back up the hill to our house. The vet had him on an anti-inflamatory (deramaxx) and we were avoiding rymadil until he gets much older.

The guy at the store mentioned that they sold an all natural supplement that he used on his dog and it worked wonders. He's been off the deramaxx and on the supplement for a couple of weeks now and what an amazing difference so far! He not only runs around the lake, but plays along the way, then plays in the yard, then runs up the hill and the stairs to come inside.

It's called Cetyl Myristoleate (http://www.cetylm.com/content/dogs.asp) It's primary ingredients are glucosomine (not surprising) and a shellfish source. It claims to lubricate joints and Spike loves to take the tablets as treats.

If anyone has a hip dysplasia dog, you might want to check into these. It's almost been a miracle with Spike. And it has also helped that we've had him on a diet the last few months and dropped him down from 95 pounds to 90 pounds. I'm sure that is helping also.
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I'm so glad it's helping!

My dog just had a minor limp from time to time from some arthrtis starting up where she'd hurt her leg a couple of times, and I panicked and got her on joint supplements (I use the Super Joint Enhancer from Petmeds, currently). But she hasn't limped in months, so I certainly consider it worthwhile. It's also done wonders for the family's Cocker Spaniel who has arthritis pretty badly. He's still stiff when he gets up.. but happily runs around and doesn't whine when he gets up anymore.
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this worked for Kandie in her lasts yr or so ...

It is the ONLY Clinically tested version of hyloronic acid ...
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