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Weird encounter of the day

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Well, I think I really am a magnet for weird people.

Today I was walking home and I stopped by the church to read the sign near the compost bin. As I was reading, some woman down the street yells at me, "Hey, Marie!" I turn around, and I clearly don't know that woman. I figured I must have misheard what she said. So she comes by and starts talking to me about the compost bin. Then asks me what my name was. I said "Marie" and she said "hey, I guessed right."

I know Marie is a fairly common name around here (or composites like Marie-Anne, Marie-Helene, etc) but still!! That was weird.

Also, who goes around calling strangers by some random name in the hope that it's right.

Anybody else had strange encounters lately?
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Wow, that is do have some weird encounters don't you?
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I had some construction worker sniff me in line at the Circle K a few weeks back
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That IS weird! Also very creepy that she guessed right.

I had some kid come up to me in the library and ask where his book was. Okay, I am NOT a librarian. I don't even look like one! And he came up to me asking ME where HIS book was. Like I'd know...
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Once when I was looking at cards in K Mart (next to a man who was squatted down looking on the bottom row), I had on a pair of those "mule" tennis shoes and I was just standing there when all of a sudden that man grabbed my shoe and took it off and said something about how he liked my shoes --that was about 8 years ago.

I grabbed my shoe, got in line and paid. I ran out of Kmart (they had to think I stole something) and got in my car, locked the doors and got outta there.

And the weird people single me out to talk to no matter where I go! So I am your "weird person magnet soul mate" I guess.
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That is strange. I was driving home last week and got stopped at a light. The guy in the truck in front of me looked in his rear view mirror and wiggled his eye brows at me. I thought, "Was he meaning to do that towards me?" Well when the light turned green he started going then got over into the other lane and slowed down so as to have my car next to his. He rolled down his window and was trying to get me to look at him, whistling and other stuff. I was pretending I did not see him. I was SO freaked. What a weirdo. Thankfully he turned the opposite direction of me after a bit. I was so thankful he was gone. Strange people out there. What did that guy think that I was going to pull over and make out with him or something?
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That is creepy!
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post
Also, who goes around calling strangers by some random name in the hope that it's right.
Someone doing a psych study?
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I had some gal yell my name, I thought it was weird, until I realized that I wear a name-tag at work & she had picked up a package there.
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Everytime I go to the store I always end up having people just start talking to me out of the blue while waiting in line or where ever I go. I think I have a stamp on my forehead....
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