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RINGWORM, anyone know

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My cat has contacted a ringworm at the last cat show we attended. Has anyone had experience with a ringworm or know about them.

She has been treated the last few days for it using both the internal pill you give monthly and with cream applied to the spot on skin.

This morning it is turning black. Would this indicate that it is drying up.

Any knowledge will be appreciated.
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Shirrell ringworm is highly contagious so be careful with your cat or you may find that you will be getting it soon as well. The creme and the pill will help it to dry up in one spot, but as it is airborn, it travels quickly so it could be on other areas of your cat. Wear rubber gloves when you handle your cat for awhile and don't bring kitty to your face at all to get whisker tickles or kisses, not till the ringworm is gone completely. Keep all the kids away from you cat too while she is infected.
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Why is it turning black? Does that mean it is healing or drying up? Believe it or not my vet did not know. He just said he did not think color mattered.
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The black color is just where the hair follicles have been invaded by the fungus. The hair breaks off leaving black dots behind.
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You would think the vets I talked to would have known that.

Oh this is really scarey. I am very particular, I hope the vet in St. Louis knew what he was talking about, he had me give her one pill and treat with cream, and give her a second pill next month.

You would not expect to pick this up at a cat show.

Thank you
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Is it Program? If it is you should give it on a monthly basis. This is a preventitave that stops the fungus from infesting the cat. I would advise that you wash your kitties after every show with a fungus shampoo. Many breeders do this as a preventitive measure. What color cat do you have and what breed? Just curious.
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YES, it is program.

If you look under new kids on the block, see my post on "Need a little help" and scroll down you will see my Bengal Mysti. I could not post her photo so someone helped me. She is a marble Bengal and she is 2 1/2. She is the only cat I have.

She is out of Gateway cattery in St. Louis.

Her name is Jumanji's Mystifiant of Gateway, this Mysti for short.
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Our two cats adopted through the SPCA came from a litter infested with ringworm. It took a while but eventuallty all the adults, children and cats who came in contact eventually got "the worm". We have had Bo on Program for 8 weeks (4 doses) and he still has been having little bumps here and there but not the patchy stuff before he started the program. Xander on the other hand had spots all over but had to go off the Program when he was diagnosed with a bone infection and had to bo put on weeks of Clindrops (clindmycin). He never got even one return spot even though he had half the treatments Bo had, but now Xander had a small spot on his leg which is healing nicely. On the other hand my son keeps getting more spots, but finally he has gone a few weeks without any new spots. He had 5 total, 3 seem to be gone, but 2 are lingering dry circles. This stuff is horribly difficult to get rid of. Alot of bleaching, vacuuming and laundering, all of which I am very bad at doing regularly. Good luck, know that you are not alone. -Jess
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