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New Kitty Sophia!

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Hello Everyone!
I am new to posting, but have been lurking lots! This site has so much great information on it and it's been so fun to see all the pics and stories! I recently rescued my first kitty. She is a flame point persian (or himalayan) and her name is Sophia. She came from Wisconsin where she was living in a family's garage b/c she did not like their other cat. They had previously gotten her from the humane society. I had to have her groomed into a 'lion cut' b/c her fur was so badly matted. I love her lots, she just as sweet as can be! She sleeps in my bed at night on her own pillow. Here are some pics!

So glad to be a member of this forum, and look forward to learning lots more!
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I love the "lion" look of those cats very cute.
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Oh, she is just the sweetest thing! What an absolutely adorable little face she has. I'm sure that, as cute as she is now, when her beautiful coat is grown out she will be a truly gorgeous girl. THANK YOU for rescuing her and for sharing her pictures with us -- and welcome to you both! Yes, TCS is a wonderful place, isn't it?
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You're angel for rescuing Sopha!! She is truly a is a doll I can't wait to see how she looks with her full coat grown in!
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OMG she is just precious
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Oh goodness, she's a cutie pie! You are so sweet for rescuing her, she's precious and she looks so happy.
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AWE, YAY for rescuing her! I bet she feel SO much better for getting that matted hair off! & she will grow a nice fresh coat. I look forward to seeing new photos as her coat grows back in

She's a doll.
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