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please help me

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hi,i am devastated,my beautiful persian bonnie has been taken ill today,i took her to the vets as she was passing blood from her bottom,drooling,vomiting and had diarrheoa.
the vet looked her over and said she thinks it feline absolutley gutted.she was fine yesterday.
she is a house cat,has never been outside and i was told by her breeder that she had been fully vaccinated,she even gave me a card detailing the vet said(when i showed it her)that its a fake.
so bonnie is now in hospital on a drip with very strong anti biotics,but the vet doesnt think she will survive.
what am i going to do?she is my baby.
the vet said i might have to make a very important decision in the morning.i cant do it.i knew what she meant but i cant do it.i cant tell het to put bonnie to sleep.she`s only 2.she has so much more life to live.
its so unfair.i waited 28 years for a persian and i love her with all my heart.i cant just let her die.please someone help me.
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I am so, so sorry... I will be praying for you and your baby tonight.
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I am soooo sorry for you. You poor girl... you're poor kitty. My prayers are with you.

It seems so unfair that something like this could possilby happen to such a young cat, especially with her being an indoor cat. I hope that she responds well to the treatment and that you won't have to make that decision.

Please let us know how you make out.

This is a great place for support, everyone is so nice and helpful here.
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I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for Bonnie and you as well. that is so sadLet us know how things turn out Donna
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Adding my prayers and healing thoughts to those of the other posters, and hoping with all my heart that your dear little Bonnie rallies. Sometimes we just can't reconcile things in our hearts, things like this that are so very unfair. But loving her as you do, I know you will put her before you in all of your decisions on her behalf, as you would never want her to suffer. I pray she will improve. Please know that many of us here have experienced crises with our beloved cats, and that we are here to help, pray, and be supportive to Bonnie and to you.
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Sending lots of vibes for Bonnie!
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I pray for Bonnie to get well but if not, that you have the strength to make the hard decision.
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I'm keeping you and sweet Bonnie in my thougts and Prayers.
I Pray that you don't have to make that hard decision ( believe me I know how hard it is because I had to make it 5 months ago )...but if you do, I know you'll do what's best for your sweet baby girl.
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be strong
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I am so sorry for the devastating news. I just lost my baby , Marbles to something to were he also seemed fine one min. and not the next. I will say a prayer for your baby. I am so very, very sorry.
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Oh I am so sorry, many prayers coming your way for you and Bonnie
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All I can do is send all the I can....and to you!
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all i can say is thankyou for your prayers,because they worked.
bonnie has improved and the vet said she can come home tomorrow.thankyou thankyou thankyou.
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yay! thank goodness... glad kitty is feeling better
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Wonderful, wonderful news!!! SO happy for you and your baby!!!
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That's wonderful news.
Sending continued good health and Prayers Bonnie's way.
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OMG!!! This is wonderful news... it has made my night... I am so happy for you and your baby.
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Glad she's better - update us on what was wrong please
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Glad she's better - update us on what was wrong please
They really work!!! Such great news about your baby... I'm so happy for both of you!

I sure would like to know too what the problem was... What did the vet say?
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she`s home.
and very happy to be home.the vet said she thought she had been poisened but this cant be right as she has never been the vet said it must have been a virus.
anyway she has some antibiotics and some recovery food,she is sleeping at the moment but she is content.
thankyou again for your kind words.
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I am really glad to hear the outcome for dear Bonnie. I just know you were scared out of your wits.

Thank you for letting us know how she is doing.
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glad to see your kitty is okay ^_^
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