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Hi new kitty boxes

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I am new and looking for advice, I am having new carpeting put in upstairs in my house, on the landing where the new carpet will be is where the kitty box is.

I have two kittys one we have had for about 10 years, the other 3 one is a very large male orange cat, the other we got from a shelter and it turns out he is a main coan kitty, a wild kitty very vocal.

I thought since we are getting new carpeting I would look into moving the kitty box down stairs to the basement but am nervous because of the length of time the kitty box has been in the same spot.

so I thought i would get a new kitty box, wow I looked three hours online on sunday and am so confused some people say one is good the others say it stinks electric one and regular ones I am sooooo confused, I want one that maybe that would be hidden, one that the kitty does not through kitty litter everywhere i would be willing to get and electric one but some say they dont work.

Most of all I dont want to confuse my cats, they have a regular one square.

so if anyone has any ideas suggestions regarding kitty boxes or moving the kitty box I would be so so grateful.

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How old are the cats???

what type of litter are you going to use>???

what amount of odur control do you expect???

How often will you be cleaning out ??? scooping??

I would suggest removing you email addy as a spammer could use it ...

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