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Smart Kitty

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Hey everyone, I just figured I'd share this I'm sure it will make you all laugh. Last tuesday David woke me around 5:30 am. I didnt have to wake up till around 7:30 am so I pushed him away so I could get some more sleep. He came back and I moved him over to the side of the bed so he would still be on the bed, but I could still sleep. Then he came back again, swatting me on the head. So I told him to get off my bed and come back later. So 1 second later I smell something smelly. I checked his feet and rear end nothing on it but his butt was stinky a lil bit, but nothing thereHe had to have fartedI told my friends at work and they laughed and Laughed. My friend Michelle laughed and told me that he was showing his disapproval of having to come off my bed lol they are so smart, I know they understand what we say to themDonna
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I'd kill my Seamus if he ever did that... We have fights on the weekends when he tries to get me out of bed... though he's never farted, he's constant if I'm not out of bed by 9, though last night I got up a couple times in the middle of the night and he got excited at first... but he knew I wasn't feeling well and cuddled instead, which he NEVER does in the bed... very intuitive little creatures, and obnoxious too
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haha, nice...
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