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OKay ... ??? for all

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Not putting up a poll since I cant possibley remember all the stores avail... i am doing this to possible help those trying to figure out what is avail by them

List what stores you have in your area ( big box) and what they carry outside the standard grocery fair

I have
Petco .... SD , Pro plan , Nutro , Royal canin, castor and polluck, organix, solid gold , eukanuba , natural balence ,avoderm, pet promise , spots stew

Petsmart : SD , Pro plan , Nutro , Royal canin, eukanuba , blue spa, authority , avoderm, by nature

Add if I missed any .... plus other stores

OH and your general location

Mine Inland northwest Idaho / Washington
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Petsmart: Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Natural Balance, Nature's Recipe, Eagle Pack

Global Pet Foods: Royal Canin, Nutro, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack, Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise, Timberwolf Organics, Evangers, Evolve, Merrick, Orijen, Nature's Variety Prairie, Solid Gold, Wellness, Canidae/Felidae

Tail Blazers: Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise, Karma, Timberwolf Organics, Evangers, Merrick, Orijen, Nature's Variety Prairie, Solid Gold, Wellness, Canidae/Felidae

I much prefer the Tail Blazers, for the better selection of food, the better customer service, and the HUGE selection of RAW food that is unmatched in central Alberta, lol
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In the southern New Hampshire area

Petsmart: Nutro, Science Diet, Pro Plan, Authority, Royal Canin, Blue Spa

Petco: Nutro, Science Diet, Pro Plan

I'm not too sure on what they have. I just listed the ones I know for sure. I'm sure they have more than that, I just dont look around when I'm there.
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I am in southeast Indiana, near Cincinnati. We have a lot of stores around here that sell pet foods. I don't usually go to Petsmart or Petco because the closest ones are nearly an hour away... so I'm not sure what all they have. But here are the smaller pet stores and what I've seen there:

Petstuff (locally owned pet store): Nutro, Royal Canin, Chicken Soup, Science Diet, Eukanuba, Pro Plan, Evangers.

Then there is Jack's Aquarium and Pets which carries all of the above plus a few more that I can't think of at the moment. I think there are several of those stores throughout the tri-state area.
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I live in the boonies; we have NOTHING for at least 100 miles. But I do have an amazing little thing called the INTERNET.... and I can get every single brand imaginable. If I shop around, I can find the best price. The only downer is paying for shipping, but in my case, it's worth it!
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Petco also carries PetGold canned. Which is really good ingredient-wise. Their Super Premium black & gold (tuna + other fish/shelfish in aspic) cans are keeping Raven eating at night. The regular Petgold 3oz cans are pretty good too.
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Central NC, near Raleigh

Pet Supermarket - Nutro, Science Diet, Merricks, Wellness, Pro Plan. I think a couple others, but I can't recall.

PetSmart - Same as already mentioned.

Discount Pet Supply (they aren't really discount, I don't think). California Natural, Innova, Wellness, Merricks

Ulti-Pet free home delivery of Wellness, Felidae, Innova, California Natural

There is a PetCo, but I've never been to it because it's a little further away than I feel comfortable driving.
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In Atlanta we have a million of everything, most notably:

PetCo: I'll go check this weekend

PetSmart: ditto here

PetSupermarket: (I like this one) Nutro, Science Diet, Wellness, Iams, Eukanuba, Natural Balance annnnd a few more.

We do have one FANTASTIC store in Roswell (just in the northeast of Atlanta) called "Pawsibilities of Roswell".

They carry really awesome brands of cat & dog food like EVO, Innova, Natural Balance and more. The manager (Jerry) is a hobby nutritionist and he has to like all the ingredients before he'll carry a brand. He also carries several brands of frozen RAW as well as healthy treats & suppliments. The first time I went there he wouldn't let me buy a thing. He just packed up a big bag of samples and sent me home so I could taste test all of them with my kitty. I really really love this shop!
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im in the Western Ny area....

Pet Depot - SD, Iams, Pro Plan, ekunuba, Purean, Natures Variety, Blue Spa, merricks, Evo, Nutro, Chicken Soup for the cat/dog, Wellness, i know im missing some, but doing that from memory,lol.

Petco - SD, IAMS, Pro Plan, Ekuanuba, Blue Spa, Royal Cann, Athority, Nutro, etc.

PetSmart - same as above AND Wellness, Evo.

Country Max - same as above
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Miami, FL. We have tons of places.

PetSupermarket, PetCo and PetsMart...similar to what others have mentioned.

Pet's Best: Awesome mom-and-pop store with super premium foods only. SolidGold, Innova, Felidae, AvoDerm, CalNatural, Merrick...and others.

Dog Bar: Name is deceiving. The location on the beach is loaded with all kinds of super premium foods. Same as Pet's Best but also Orijen, Instincts, Nature's Variety, Spot's Stew and tons of others. Really fun place.

And I actually found a vet who will be seeing my little Merlynn in a couple of weeks who sells only super premiums. No prescription diets. No Science Diet. Yay! So excited!! Oh, the name is Silver Bluff Animal Clinic on 27th Avenue.
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I'm in Hawaii on Oahu. I know there's not a lot of interest in what foods are available here , but I'll post anyway.

We have no "big box" pet stores here. PetCo is coming- in 2009.
Here's information about the stores I've shopped at.

Pets Discount- Nutro, Science Diet, Chicken Soup, Eukanuba, Iams, Merricks and a limited, unreliable supply of Wellness and Natural Balance

The Kennel Shop- Innova, Evo, Cal Natural, Merricks

Pet Spot- Eukanuba, Science Diet, limited Wellness, Nutro, Pinnacle

Naturally Pet- my favorite store- Wellness, limited Natural Balance, Newman's Own, Eagle Pack, Pet Guard, Felidae, Nature's Variety, Pet Promise, Organix, Nature's Logic and others I can't recall at the moment.

Actually, the only foods I feed are the grain free flavors of Wellness and Natural Balance. Fortunately, those are flavors my cats like. I've tried others and met with total rejection. The Naturally Pet store always has Wellness in stock and I've been ordering Natural Balance from PetCo. Shipping rates to Hawaii are surprisingly reasonable by FedEX. The stores here are frequently out of stock on the flavors I need.
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