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Well I haven't posted pics in a while, and she was actually staying still today so..without further adieu:

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Sprawled out with her bday pressies

Ouch, look at those claws!
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Awww, its Trout!!
Great pictures Nat, its about time you get some new ones!
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Awwww Give that little sweet face some from me, please!

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Ahhhh, there's Trout in all her beautiful glory.
I love her colorful coat.
Great pictures.
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She has such a gorgeous face.
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There she is in all her glorious "troutitude"!
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The picture of her on the blanket is really sets off her eyes. Good to see Trout again!
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Awwwww Nat that 2nd picture of her is so sweet!! Awwww and that one of her on the bed looking at the camera as well
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It's about time Nat...she's just as precious as ever...she's so tiny
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What a beautiful girl Nat!! She has "jabba eyes" like my Sydney
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

Ooh, the lighting looks so cool!
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AWWWWWWWW...A Trout fix! How lovely! Especially love her belly shot, but they're all sweet.
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awwwww gorgeous Trout
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Awww She's beautiful! And she sure does look like she loves her meowmy!
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Aww I love Trout pics!
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She is just too cute!

How much does Trout weigh?
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Originally Posted by Mollysmom View Post
She is just too cute!

How much does Trout weigh?
Awww thanks..she is just about 7 lbs
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Nice new Trout siggy!
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great pics Nat.
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Aww cute little Trout! I've always love her name too.
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She's so expressive. I want to that little nosey, but keeping in mind the tortitude, I'll keep the kissies to myself
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what a pretty girl!!!
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Wow! Great pictures of Trout! She was really showing off for you! Please blow kitty kisses into her sweet tummy for me!
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You have some very beautiful pictures there.
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Aww, she's so pretty!
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I love Torties and Trout is a lovely, lovely, lovely one!!
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