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I'm so frustrated with work

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We are in the process of putting in a new computer system. I've had to ask for information from other departments and I get absolutly no help unless I get my boss to ask. It's so frustrating because I've worked with these people for 8 years, I'm not asking these questions just for the fun of it. So I hear today from someone that there was a problem with one of the records in the new system, and someone said something about it in the training, but has anyone told me what I need to fix NO!! I told people from the begining I have limited knowledge on some of this stuff & I am going to need help but no one want to take the time to help. No they'd rather be mad when it's not right. I've got like 10 mins left & I can hardley wait to leave for the day. And the programer whose supposed to be loading in my information hasn't even finished, but he needs me to be done by Friday so they can have a mock go live. Thankfully I'm off tomorrow to study for a test, I need the break from this place.
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I hope you're doing better after your day off.
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There, there, that's like in any industry. Businesses really need to understand that without their systems, nothing is running the business. Businesses really think that Sales is the driving force, but they're way too ADD to be the driving force

See if your boss can send out an email stating that any issues should be addressed to you. Although I really highly don't recommended. If there is one thing wrong, you will have 10 different people telling you that one thing is wrong and 10 different people wondering when it will be fixed, can they help, and pretty soon you're a half an hour behind in getting a 5 minute job done.

I would seriously let your boss or someone else do the filtering of the complaints.If he knows that you're new to this then he'll understand. The only reason why people are going to him because they think they're going to get you in trouble...which doesn't fix the problem.

Hang in there!!
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